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Comment from: Isa-M.Albrecht [Visitor] Email
I feel best with lr4yt and the A2B nonnie diet :-)

xoxox from Isa
05/26/08 @ 17:33
Comment from: sheshe c. imara [Visitor]
hi, i am a type o hunter. i have tried the bt diet for about 3 months (eatting meat being a vegetarian was difficult)i gained 10 lbs.(exercising was a way of life for those 3 months). geno type diet w supplements no energy gain no weight loss. stop geno diet. ate raw with type o protein mix for 1 week lost inches had good energy, broke fast with brown rice and pinto beans(?) feel great. why?
06/23/08 @ 09:42
Comment from: Christine Fox [Visitor] Email ·
I eagerly anticipated the genotype diet, worked out I am a Teacher, loved having more cheeses to eat, but still they don't really suit me! - 'A' non-secretor - I've just done the mini-questionnaire which says stick to the blood-type diet. O well - look forward to swami...
06/24/08 @ 15:06
Comment from: BethXena [Visitor] Email
I have been on the E4YBT for about 3months. A newbie compared to most. I am pleased with the way I feel, most of the time. When the fatigue moments hit me,I believe it is due to my sugar in take. That mainly of chocolate.

The whole reason I sought this type of eating out, (type A+) is due to being diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of the Cervix this past October. Follow up was a cone biopsy, then Hysterectomy with follow ups later on.

This led me to seek out eating even healthier, since this type of c-stuff is so tricky and steath like. No real factors caused me to feel or show there was anything wrong with me.So this news shocked me a great deal, to say the least.

I reasoned that this particular diet, which I don't like referring it as diet, it is more of eating lifestyle, seems to agree with me more overall and keep this bad stuff at bay or maybe even eliminate it from my system.

Relatively, I am healthy the doctor's say. Genetically, high blood pressure, diagnosed at 29, on a prescription at that time. Now at almost 41 I am on an alternative method to keep the HBP in check, along with eating better to drop my weight, ultimately better for all of me.

Is the Genotype diet something that I should look into as well to help my defense system or is it something I should not look into just yet, till I have a year or so on the blood type diet? Any thoughts or comments?

Ironically, I am the typical A as far as the HBP and recent c-stuff diagnosed. This is the only way of eating that has made me drop off weight, more inches than pounds, than any thing I have ever attempted. Yet, I am still deemed over weight by my BMI. Just trying to keep all in check since my health was shook up so recently.

I have never smoked, don't drink alcohol(allergies) and not a fan of the feeling or taste of it all.

Guess overall what I am looking for is a guideline of what would work for my situation best. As the general doctors, internists tend to promote drugs, more so than alternative eating and herbs.

Any suggestions, I welcome to look into.

07/08/08 @ 10:19
Comment from: Florence [Visitor]
Thankyou for the questionaire.
I was all set to buy the genotype test but looks as though that's not necessary.
I have the book, THE EAT RIGHT DIET, but after my (now retired) v. good nutritional specialist's allergy diet in 1997 I felt the 2 weren't compatible and totally confusing.
NOW, with knowing more & increased daring, I can see much sense in the diet, and amazing compatibilities eg. BANANAS never used to be an allergy, but when I went off them, the remnant of my migraines went. They're OUT for the AB diet.
SEEDS, SESAME especially. Not an allergy, but I've eaten a lot, and have been wondering if they were having a negative effect. OUT for ABs.
LISTS & RECIPES I find exciting and I feel I can relate to these better, so I intend to give them a try.
AB weaknesses definately seem to be me.
If this system can give me HALF normal energy, would be an improvement, but ? 'NORMAL', wow!
09/19/08 @ 23:30

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