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Comment from: PJ [Visitor]
This concept of typing makes sense - but it does not explain why some foods are better than others. I know you weren't answering that question. However, as someone for whom Ayurveda makes sense in a satisfying way, I am left feeling that the methodology for determining which foods are healthy/unhealthy for a type or an individual is too quantitative. Does food not have intelligence, at least once it enters the body of the eater? The whole premise that a computer or even a live person can determine that a potato, for example, is always a toxin for person X, regardless of how it is prepared, with the infinite possibilities that affords, strikes me as counter-intuitive.
From reading the forums of the BTD/GTD people are following their lists mostly with an eye for the smallest ingredients. Seems like the body would not react so much to the smallest amounts nearly as much as it would to the overall balance of the food item or meal. Is the body not more "holistic" than to treat a meal as a math equation?

09/24/09 @ 21:06

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