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Comment from: rebekah montgomery [Visitor]
My partner is blood type B , he stands a tall and thin 6'4". He is only 26 and has had pnueumonia three times in his life already. This last bout put him on an inhaler. Although, the type B's are suppose to handle dairy, I took him off of dairy and it helps. He is also autistic so we stay away from gluten for the most part but I am still worried about him as he is so young and complains all the time about little aches and pains and joint paint, etc. Have you made changes since the phenotype diet came out? If so, what and what physiological changes have you seen? If any?
09/02/08 @ 11:10
Comment from: Malcolm B Weaver Jr [Visitor] Email
I am also live in Colorado...live in THORNTON and work in BOULDER. I am new to ER4YT...my sister who has the same exact blood type(the eternal optimists blood type...B_negative) told me she had great success with the diet and now I am following her leading...by the way my mom also has the same blood type too...our family has been a mayonaise eating family so I have been searching for a mayonaise without saflower oil, soy oil, canola oil, etc. and am wondering if Vegenaise...http://www.followyourheart.com/vegenaise.html...with grape seed oil would be a healthy option for those with blood type B? I searched the http://www.dadamo.com website and came up still searching for any information on grape seed oil and blood type B?
02/07/09 @ 11:06

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