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Comment from: Luana Flacco [Visitor]
Hi Linda,

I just read your March 2007 blog on homeopathy and that you were seeing a Naturopath at that date for Biotherapeutic Drainage.

I too am a B non-secretor and just saw a Naturopath who wants to do the same thing with me using the UNDA compounds. Have you used these and did you do this Drainage? How did it go for you.

I am having hormonal issues and need internal cleansing on the cellular level.

I'd be interested if non-secretor B's could be allergic to any of the homeopathic metal catalysts used in this type of treatment.

Thanks. I look forward to your resonse,

Luana Flacco
Age 43
B- non-secretor
04/09/09 @ 08:35

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