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Comment from: Liz Szarka [Visitor] Email
Dear Mr. D'Adamo, our mtDNA is a total match! 16126C, 16294T, 16296T, 16519C. (BTW some time ago I had read one of your books, followed it for my blood type, thank you, and recommended it to those I've met in my travels.)

My mtDNA is from my maternal grandmother from Hungary, whose maiden name was "Fancsaly" (pronounced: "FUN'chully" in Hungary) and it is the Hungarianized-Latin form of "Boniface" (Orig: "Bonifacius" - "Doer of Good Things"). A heraldic researcher has very recently told me that this name is very ancient and very rare, particularly in Hungary; I had found an antique dealer on the net, in Italy, named Fancsaly.

I am wondering if this mtDNA that you and I share is related to the non-Hungarian royalty of Hungary, as the "T" mtDNA is only found in less than 10% of Europe and it is even more rare in Hungary (not to be confused with "T" Y-DNA).

Can you tell me of some notables (other than you and myself - LOL) with our mtDNA?

Please feel free to contact me via email if you wish, or on this forum....

Very Truly Yours,

07/11/09 @ 15:18
Comment from: Liz Szarka [Visitor] Email
Oh, just saw that we share all 4 mutations with the Czar & Count...according to Dienekes: (though the Czar had an extra mutation due to heteroplasmy - a mutation found in some of his cells and not others).

07/11/09 @ 18:08

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