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Comment from: Sandy [Visitor]
Thanks for this interview. I'm just newly aware of LR4YT and I'm excited! Though realizing that all my staple foods, well most anyways, needs to go is a little daunting. Thank you for this interview, it has been a great encouragement and testimony that it can be done!
03/04/09 @ 01:37
Comment from: Carla Marie ONeil [Visitor] ·
Sounds good, but don't all testamonials!!
07/27/09 @ 18:44
Comment from: Carolyn [Visitor]
As a "B" I agree wholeheartedly. 8 years ago my doctor diagnosed arthritis in my hands. He suggested that I live on over the counter pain meds. While visiting the library found Dr. D'Adamo's books, read them, first practiced the red flag avoids. Almost immediately found relief for my fingers, was eating chicken 2-4 times week, as of this date as long as I stick with the B diet I feel so good. Can tell when I've gotten into the avoids. My father is an A and when I fix lentils and indulge (ate 1 1/2 veggie burgers) next morning I could hardly get out of bed. I also tell anyone who'll stand still long enough how much this has changed my life! I can't understand why someone would rather take liver damaging drugs, still be crippled up when all you need to do is eliminate certain foods from your diet. Be brave and try it for a month! I promise you will notice a change for the better. Bless Dr. D'Adamo and his father for all their efforts in this life long pursuit. Thank you!
08/19/09 @ 15:45
Comment from: Andrea [Visitor]
I just want to thank you for this interview... I recently started with ER4YT and I truly believe it will work well for me...

Also a comment to Carla Marie ONeil: you should read the book first and try the "diet" and only then you'll see that this story is not just another testimonial...
08/28/09 @ 01:04
Comment from: Cheryl [Visitor]
Today is my first time hearing about and reading about this diet. Unbelievably, it already makes sense to me. One son is B, the other AB and hubby is A. I'm B. Last week I made a pasta meal for dinner. In the middle of the night my "b" son got So sick, he had diarrhea and vomiting. The next morning, I had the same. Hubby nor the other son were sick at all although my "AB" son complained of a tummy ache during lunch the next day. From what I've read, this is all confirmation! The problem for me will be replacing chicken in our diet. We have already eliminated red meat from our diet and only consume fish and chicken. I'll purchase the book today and try my best to cook for three different blood types. The good thing is B and AB are similar. Hubby is the only one who I'll have to specialize in. None of us are sick and all of us are within our weight requirements (even thinner) but as described, hubby is susceptible to diabeties and has in the past had to take meds. Wish me luck!
09/08/09 @ 15:05
Comment from: Leigh [Visitor]
Oh my! I have been making sport of this program for a year now. But this week I took an intense look at the plan and COMPLETELY relate to the type b interview. The mental fog is nothing that can be explained well enough short of experiencing a lifetime of it with no explanation. I am getting the program and starting immediately... who needs wheat anyway?
09/20/09 @ 23:49
Comment from: Monika Bartoszewska [Visitor]
Die Übersetzungen aus dem Englischen ins Deutsche sind ein Graus - schade bei dem interessanten Thema.
Ich könnte bessere liefern.
Herzliche Grüße
10/13/09 @ 11:27
Comment from: Deborah [Visitor] Email
If you are reading and trying to decide whether this is too good to be true or worth a try..Please try it. It works. I am so thankful my chiropractor suggested it on my first visit. I was so deperate to feel better I went home, cleaned my cabinets and started the next day for myself and my 4 year old son who was struggling with alergies (I have arthritis and fibromalgia). What happened has been life changing. Pain was pretty much gone in 10 days!! I have enough energy now that I think I may be able to keep my job as a teacher. My son does not have reactions to everything anymore. It has been noticable enough that others have seen the differnce and been motiviated to make changes too. TRY it. It works.
11/11/09 @ 10:01
Comment from: Lha [Visitor] Email
Dear All,

There's an old saying in my country Mongolia, goes "If you do not choose your food as it was a drug today, you will have to eat drugs like it was your food tomorrow". I do not know if it all makes sense in English and if there's similar sayings in your countries. Blood type diet is great way to stay healthy and be strong. I'm blood type B and I have been on the diet some 8 years but on & off, to be honest. Because, it is hard to stay faithful when there's not much choice. But, being mostly on the Beneficial side keeps me away from allergies and constipation that I had. I talk about the diet whenever I have conversation with people about food or health issues. Wish you all the Beneficial:)
02/03/10 @ 17:54
Comment from: Tshupetso masilo [Visitor] Email
it works for sarah , i beliave it will work for me
02/16/10 @ 09:23
Comment from: Robin White [Visitor]
I grew up on venison, dove, rabbit and other wild game as my father was a hunter. I never had trouble growing up with constipation or other stomach problems. I moved to the Middle East in 1995 and was leary about the red meat so I changed my diet to include mostly chicken. I immediatley suffered from chronic constipation and other stomach related problems as well as lack of energy. I was introduced to the blood type diet from a US Army Nurse while working in a hospital there. Realizing that chicken was a no no I took it out of my diet and the problem was solved. I have since incorporated many of the beneficial foods and eliminated the avoids and WOW what a difference. I strongly recommend this to anyone suffering from issues that are not easily remedied with OTC drugs. Could just be your eating 'wrong' for your blood type.
02/23/10 @ 05:38
Comment from: cliona [Visitor]
hi.when i first read the ER4YT book i thought i must be a B as i identified with the herders (i love goats and lambs and i have a family of cats and dogs that i hate leaving behind when i travel..would much rather they could come with me..migration style!) also my mother is a B, my dad an O so i had to be one or the other..turns out i am a B..i became a wannabe vegetarian 20 yrs ago (turns out i had lots of A friends!) on a daily diet of bread and tomatoes, poor protein substitute meals and the weekly sunday dinner of roast chicken insisted upon by my mum. looking back i have always had very low energy and my mind was always in a bit in a fog..thinking i had m.e. or chronic fatigue or depression..people just thought i was really vague or 'airy fairy' as they said! i never ate much meat and have tried to get all my protein from vegetarian sources mainly lentil soups and soya. the result was a foggy vagueness or crankiness, no energy, constantly needing to sleep and a general struggle to stay alert and interested in life..i just thought this was my personality! i am 'investigating' this B diet for the past few months and am seeing a difference. i notice now when i have wheat i want to sleep immediately and get aches down my back , pains in my stomach, a hunger i cant satisfy and a general grumpiness. i notice aches down my back from eating lentils and chicken leaves me irritable cranky and tired..i did have trouble with mucous, chest infections and yeast infections from eating too much cheese but this has improved with a daily tonic for my lungs and by eating lots of onions to combat the phlegm..i have also started doing daily meditation and visualization and this has acted as the antidote to the stress i used to feel. when i read about the affinity B types have for meditation, yoga, tai chi, and non competitive sports i could identify with it all.. so i think there is something in this..but you have to investigate for yourself..because the diet is hard to stick to ( esp if eating out) and one needs to have pure conviction about it in order to stick to it.. being prepared helps and bringing a list of beneficial foods with you when you are eating out or grocery shopping..i am delighted to be learning to cook meals that give me energy instead of struggling to stay awake after also means not following the crowd, esp if you have lots of A friends who can happily exist on vegetarian food and the moral high ground re not eating animals! but if i can live life and not feel grumpy and tired all the time then it has got to be worth giving my best i will do just that.! thanks
03/25/10 @ 13:06
Comment from: Richelle [Visitor]
I wasn't able to get a hold of Eat Right For Your Type but I did with Cook Right For Your Type and after knowing that Type B's should avoid chicken, I finally found the answer to an unnamed allergy occurring on the margin of my lower lip (which my dermatologist never had any explanation for, after conducting an allergy test on me and found I was only allergic to nickel, which I already knew before I came to her). It started when I was a child and my family attributed it to chicken. However, my allergy doesn't follow a consistent pattern...sometimes it breaks out immediately (with extreme redness and itching) after I eat chicken, or appears only as a red rash and gone after a few minutes, or not at all. Because of this, I sometimes doubted chicken is the cause until of course I found one of Dr. D'Adamo's book about the relation of blood type to diet and was enlightened. My grandfather and father suffered the same allergy as I did and since my father and I are both type B, I suspect that my grandfather is also a type B. I know now that my allergy is not inherited but rather a result of the influence of diet on our blood type.
04/04/10 @ 18:19
Comment from: rukayya Katagum [Visitor]
never knew about eat right for your type till answered so many unanswered questions for me about my diet and a B i agree 100%.thank god i don't like and my 7 siblings are all B including our dad,we are always having allergies doctors cant explain.looking forward to doing the diet i hope it takes care of my weight problems and allergies.
06/17/10 @ 07:05
Comment from: Verna Anthony [Visitor]
I agree, the diet has changed my wellbeing. I am slowly losing weight, my head doesn't feel fuzzy anymore. A great book.
06/18/10 @ 03:36
Comment from: Shirl Schneider [Visitor] Email
A nurse just told me about this book and diet.I'm 53 and have been having trouble with some hot flashes,sleep,slight depression and on a small dose of antidepressants for 20 yrs. So that has not helped with my sex life. Its SO bad, I have no interest in it, the Drs. just blow it off and said its an age thing but I'm still young and not ready to give it up. I now turned to Hormone Replacement Thpy to see if it will help for 6 months. The drive is still not there. Help! I can't be the only one with this problem.
09/27/10 @ 12:08
Comment from: priscilla devi [Visitor]
I have heard of Dr D'Adamo book, but where can I get it in South Africa.
10/06/10 @ 09:46
Comment from: Shirley Stickland [Visitor] Email
Read the research done for this type of blood group after I saw an article in the news paper about Sir Cliff Richard, ( always my idol) he is the same age as I am so I have admired his ability to stay slim and fit all his years. I've done my best but not as well as he has done !
10/07/10 @ 06:48
Comment from: Rosemary [Visitor] Email
I am a B-, 54 yo woman, HWP.. and this diet made complete and perfect sense to me when I first read the e4ybt book 10 years ago. I had already noticed how lousy I felt after eating corn, pork, chicken and peanut butter so I had eliminated them from diet already BEFORE reading the book. The chicken will literally affect my muscle strength so badly I've almost fallen from my leg giving way..and that's within hours of eating chicken. When I eat wheat bran/pasta I notice the blood sugar drop and fatigue. Thankyou to Drs.D'adamo.
10/31/10 @ 16:59
Comment from: Heather Sansom [Visitor] Email
Help...I'm confused! My mother always told me I shared the same blood type as her (RH Neg A). When I had my own daughter many years later, they typed my blood in hospital and found I was RH Neg B)!! I can relate to both of these diets, but I am having a hard time finding any reference to a diet specific for RH NEG B (or A) persons. I assume that types A B AB or O relate entirely to themselves, and are not RH positive or negative related. Am I right?

What type plan should I be following?
12/08/10 @ 01:38
Comment from: Lynn Jennings [Visitor] Email
I am a B type and I love bread. I knew that too much bread was not good. I only eat wheat or multi-gran bread, and I thought that this was the healthier way to go. In reading ER4YT I have discovered that some things are just not for my type. Also, I just discovered the nutritional facts on lentils so I tried them. I was shocked to discover that they are not for my type. I thank Dr. D'Adamo for his research because I need help.
12/30/10 @ 14:52
Comment from: Jen [Visitor]
Yeah, I just started the diet on the recommendation of a friend who is an intuitive healer who just looked at me with such frightening conviction and said "eat right for your type". I bought the book the next day and cleared out my pantry and freezer the next. It's funny how most of the foods that I truly love are actually beneficial B foods and many that I don't really like are "avoid" foods. I don't really like chicken. I ate it because it was "healthier" than the lamb I love. I feel sluggish and constipated when I eat much wheat or lentils. I quite abhor pork. I love lamb, millet, quinoa, leafy veggies, ginger, cumin, green tea, yoga, hiking, kayaking. But I've always, always struggled with weight, even during the 10 years that I was a vegetarian.

So I've been on the diet for less than a week. The first two or three days were weird. I felt uncontrollably hungry and unsatisfied. I think it was the sudden wheat/corn withdrawl. I feel more balanced now and already more alert. The timing is just right for me. I'd heard of the diet many years ago but suddenly it seems like the right thing. I'm excited and motivated because the most important thing for me, in any diet or lifestyle, is that it "FEELS RIGHT". This feels RIGHT. I would be so, so less enthused if my favorite foods were on the avoid list! But, hey--I think my "likes" are strongly attached to what my body likes, so there's absolutely no disconnect.
01/06/11 @ 13:30
Comment from: Leanne [Visitor]
Just new to this have been very ill with PMS,headaches,CFS ...
All info & testimonials so interesting,I have been doing some but now I feel this maybe the clue to finally tie it all together & get back to life & not just day by day Time to get going !
01/17/11 @ 11:02
Comment from: monica ~ 40 [Visitor]
I was very interested after hearing about this book, especially since ive been suffering from an "Autoimmune" for almost 10 years, I really thought not eating Chicken would be so hard,(we had it up to 5x a week) but actually, not eating tomato and Corn products is so much harder (I love homemade taco salads and Tomato Sauce). Not eating chicken wasnt so hard, finding other meats for my family to eat was tricky. Turkey and lean beef was easy, adding Veal and Lamb was a little harder ( I dont know where to get rabbit, venison, or mutton or how to cook it) I actually started to feel lighter inside (thats the only way I know how to explain it) I have since strayed out of convenience ( my family eyed everything I served them) and it is to hard to cook seperate meals ~ but I think this book is really on to something and I really need to figure out how to incorporate it into my life ~ when you really think of it ~ it eally makes sense
02/05/11 @ 10:36
Comment from: Betsy [Visitor] Email
We have been doing the BTD at our house for 3 or 4 years now, and are totally gluten- and casein-free. It is interesting that all of my life (I am a B with O husband and child) I suffered from depression. I have definitely traced it to dairy products!!! Even though i am a B, I cannot eat dairy without getting depressed; three times, widely spaced, I went out to eat with my spouse and did a dairy trial. Each time, I found myself weeping in the recliner the next day - though, until the third time (when I finally "got it") I thought dairy was no problem for me, because of blood type. THERE ARE REASONS for this!!! One is that the genetic makeup of the American dairy cow is different (read Devil In The Milk). Another problem is ultra pasteurization. If you are still not feeling great, try giving up all dairy and anything with casein. Your brain and colon will both thank you. Check it out!
04/19/11 @ 14:59
Comment from: Debbie Gatlin [Visitor]
I have Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, my blood type is B and I need to lose 10 pounds by 1 June 11. Please tell me what to eat in order to do this.
04/25/11 @ 11:40
Comment from: monica [Visitor]
my two cents. I'm "B", but this stuff doesn't make perfect sense to me. it's cool, because about two third of of the description seems to apply to me but the other third or so doesn't seem to.

I suppose it could be that some of those genes that usually happen to carry over with the ABO blood type gene, don't always do that? i.e. a few may get "cut off" and not carried over?

I also wonder if it's because my phenotype is B but genotype could contain an "O" too (my father was O).

or maybe it's only because I don't like chicken and tomato anyway so that could be why I didn't really ever run into issues. I do like my cheese for sure and would not live without it :) otoh, I do eat a lot of wheat in the form of pasta (not much bread as I stopped liking it a while ago), but I don't seem to have an issue with it. I used to have a little problem with weight a few years ago but that resolved later.

the part about stress was good! the visualization stuff makes no sense to me, but I like meditation. as for physical exercise I hate some of the kinds that it recommends for me. I love intense aerobic exercise!

half of the personality stuff works out, other half doesn't. I had to laugh at the suggestion of going to bed before 11PM. that would not work for me even when I was a five year old kid :) it is true I need my circadian rythm stable to feel good, but it's just not this 11PM.

anyway, still a nice read, nice chance to get thinking about what I am like and what could work for me!
06/03/11 @ 23:44
Comment from: Ben Semommung [Visitor] ·
I bought the book "Eat Right for Your Type" in 2010 and read it in half a day because I was curious about the correlation between blood types and diet. It's true that "One man's food can be another man's poison", as the old adage says. I am a Type B and only started implementing my Diet plan in May 2011. I have been taking fluidizer membrane (lecithin granules, flaxseed oil and juice) in the morning. I have quit eating chicken completely and started using Gingko biloba and Siberian Ginseng as some of my supplements. I am extremely thrilled by the results I have seen so far; I used to have headaches in the morning, skin rushes,numbness of the arms, loss of memory etc. All these problems have dissappeared. I have decided to go all out and preach the gospel to all...Many thanks to Dr Dadamo and his father for being a blessing to the world.
06/21/11 @ 10:48
Comment from: Loise [Visitor] Email
I heard about your book but have not read it. I just read the article on this website and found it to be interesting. I am Black and my bood type is B. I can adjust to different weather conditions. I live in the USA. I am 58 year old and recently retired but my comment is I am not a fan of wild game and not accessible to goat,and lamb is exspensive. I have been told all my life that we should eat whole wheat bread. I cut out white bread. I eat omeletes occassionally so I can't eat a few tomatoes in it.
I do have high blood pressure, high sugar levels recently diagnosed,arthiritis in neck and back and take meds for these diseases. But I do not want to be on meds all of my life.
I am also lactose intolerant. Dairy products regular and soy milk bother me
smelly gas mostly. My Doctor suggested the soy or goat milk. I have not found goat milk yet.
I will look for the book and see if this work for me. I walk 2miles everyday except Sundays.
Also with Diabetes they say eat more beans because it stablizes blood sugar.
everyone do seem to agree on eating more green vegetables.

10/05/11 @ 06:41
Comment from: Lisa [Visitor]
Just getting tuned into the concept and purchase the eat right 4 your blood type APP for my android. There are some inconsistencies between the APP and the website, specifically the nightshade vegetables. They are clearly avoids on the website, but listed as neutrals on the App. Which is correct?
11/06/11 @ 15:44
Comment from: Uwa [Visitor] Email
I have been using the blood type diet for over 12 years and it is simply fantastic! I am a B blood type and to know that certain foods, especially chicken, was a serious health hazard, was an eyeopener!

I am 49, but people swear I am between 38-41 years old. People almost 'collapse' when I tell them my age. My weight has remained a constant for over 10 years. My skin is brilliant and glowing and I receive compliments all the time.

I have recommended this blood type diet to numerous people and the health benefits and testimonials are incredible.

I believe totally in it because I am proof that it works.

I still struggle with prawns, snails and crabs and looking forward to when I totally eliminate them from my diet, but for now, I eat them very sparingly, after which, I know that I would have indigestion for the next day!

The B type diet appears the most balanced of the 4 so perhaps I am lucky in that sense. My sister is an O and although she finds the benefits fantastic (she recently 'cured' her arthritis by eliminating Irish potatoes, which, incidentally, is my B son's favorite meal!), she does complain that the carbohydrate choices are limiting.

I could go on and on, but suffice to restate that I believe totally in this. I have used it for so long and used it on others, that at some point, I was being encouraged to study it more with a view to running a licensed consultancy here in Lagos, Nigeria, where live and practice my successful law practice!

I recommend that everyone reads the book first before trying out the diet for the specific blood type.

The rationale behind the book and diet plans is simple: if we were meant to eat the same thing, we would all have been created with the same blood type. The blood is the life force of the human body. Why don't we give it exactly what it requires for optimal performance?

I would rather eliminate 'poisons' from my body, than take medication to control any resulting Heath problems from those 'poisons'!
11/12/11 @ 10:03
Comment from: anna k. [Visitor]
I've been sick for a few weeks now & wondered why I haven't gotten better & stumbled upon this blood type diet. I am a B type & began researching about my blood type & it all makes sense now. I've been eating chicken quit often & eating things containing tomatoes & peanut butter. They're all bad for me & I love corn! This explains all of my symptoms & depression being sleep deprived all the time. I'm looking forward to this diet.
12/06/11 @ 10:09

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