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Comment from: Cherie [Visitor] Email
Thank you for sharing-it was very inspiring. I have Fibro and chronic fatique. I ahev been on the diet for 16 days and have lost 8 lbs. and my brain fog is lifted. I am thrilled.
01/20/09 @ 16:04
Comment from: Camille Major [Visitor]
I'm 26 years old and I started the Type O diet in 2002. I didn't start to lose weight but to invest in my health. It changed my world and I share this with every human being who wants to change theirs.

Thank you for sharing your story! It's so neat to hear similar stories of how this changed our lives.
03/12/09 @ 19:52
Comment from: Elise [Visitor]
Thanks Debbie. Your story was very inspirational. I am new to the blood type diet, but I have noticed many benefits in the past two months or so from it. I believe many people would benefit greatly from changing their lifestyle and following the BTD. But, unfortunately, many people are uneducated about it, or are not willing to make this critical change. I have loved ones who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, diverticulosis, diabetes, cancer and other illnesses, but they seek only medical help which is not addressing the entire problem, but only treating with dangerous medications. I wish there was a better way to approach them with this new way of life. I think what you and your office are doing is wonderful! My chiropractor is also into nutrition and healthy lifestyle. He has been helpful to me in my journey to feel better. Thanks for sharing your story, Debbie.
03/18/09 @ 13:49
Comment from: elaine [Visitor]
i will be starting the type o diet this week... have questions though... why not cabbage ? love it and it is a staple in my meal planning.. love the slaw...
03/22/09 @ 09:17
Comment from: Maureen [Visitor] Email

I also have MS. I see you are Type O and so am I. Do you know if you are a secretor or non-secretor? Apparently, Non-secretors have prevelence for auto-immune diseases.

04/01/09 @ 13:16
Comment from: Jonathan Slack [Visitor] Email
Thank you for sharing your story. I can attest to eating correctly for your type, I was suddenly paralyzed and bed ridden and hospitalized and over a month they came up with Multiple sclerosis. I have always been a believer in natural and wholistic verses Chemical Medicine. I was cross eyed, and half my body paralyzed, with no improvement for months , as soon as I began eating correctly, I improved to full health running ten miles and working out 5 times a day. All those things they told me about MS, (Cant be in the sun) were malarky., but thee first step in all my recovery and health was using my own intuition and mind and not taking no for an answer,. I refused to accept that there is no cure or no way out. And It has been 4 years , NO Problems
05/09/09 @ 11:29
Comment from: Maria Sblendorio [Visitor]
Hi , this is maria, Linda sblendorio's daughter..My Mom is trying to get in touch with you.. we were so happy to read about your progress with beating the MS.,... Please contact my Mom asap...This message is for Debbie, I am on facebook if u need to contact me, Under Maria Hassett
05/14/09 @ 19:35
Comment from: carmen [Visitor]
debbie, thank you. thank you. i have been on avonex for 2mo. recently diagnosed feb13-09 w/MS. i have been praying for guidance in making a drastic decision of stopping avonex and controlling ms with diet and lifestyle + supplements.

i've been fortunate so far to have had few attacks. just one i know of, parathesia of feet which has subsided greatly.

i am encouraged by your story. i too cannot rely or count on the doctors for
support. my chiropractor told me about BTD today. and today i found this site.

thank you. thank you. thank you.

05/28/09 @ 09:23
Comment from: Cynthia Budhisetiawan [Visitor] Email
Hello...........Imagine my surprise.......I am looking for ways to get my younger figure back and I come across a picture, than this article of Debbie Cardone. Debbie and I use to be in the same sunday school class, and I remember when she was diagnosed with MS. Debbie if you see this post would you contact me........Cyndi
06/01/09 @ 15:03
Comment from: carmelle [Visitor] Email
Maureen,Debbie and Carmen, I also have MS in common with the three of you.I have been diagnosed for 29 years now.I began with relapsing/remitting MS and am now in the secondary progressive stage.I am a blood type A secretor and I am well into my eighth year with the blood type A diet.Besides living with MS, I am diagnosed with asthma since Feb.2001.THAT is approximately the time that I came across Dr.D'Adamo's blood type eating plan and I have been following it loyally ever since.I am so grateful to him and his father for their research on blood type that I wish I could pass on my enthusiasm to everyone,but,as we all know,NOT everyone that hears about this 'way of eating',is moved to the point of believing and incorporating it into their lives. THAT,ladies is very unfortunate, not only for them but also for those they love and those who love them.I hope the three of you agree with me on this and continued good health with your blood type way of eating.Just as a side note,I am ambulatory using a cane and sometimes a walker.I am NOT on any MS medication but to keep my asthma under control, I take 2 puffs of Advair once a day at bedtime.I also make it a point to exercise EVERY day for at least 30 minutes.THAT is very important for everyone who IS ABLE.If you don't use it you will lose it! I welcome any response to this email.Thank you
06/19/09 @ 22:03
Comment from: Andrea [Visitor] Email
Thank you so much for your story. I was just introduced to this diet this week. My mom brought it to me and asked if I would look at it because of particular health problems. I have had bowel problems for about 9 years. Almost 6 years ago I lost hearing in one ear. After an MRI I was told that I have an acoustic neuroma. I didn't opt for surgery so I proceeded to have complete hearing loss in one ear, and problems with my facial nerves due to the tumor. Recently I developed something with my eye. One pupil is constantly dilated. I am awaiting results from a neurologist. I am hoping that this diet will help me to overcome some of these things. I would like to have feedback and support since I am so new to this diet. I am type O. Thanks.

07/22/09 @ 00:12
Comment from: Neuro Doc [Visitor]
This is ridiculous to believe first of all that blood type has any influence on dieting. Blood type is nothing but a mere phenotypical specific red cell marker and has no scientific correlation to the metabolic processes of the body. Second of all, Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive disease. There is nothing that can be done with the technology we have today to reverse the neurologically degenerative processes that MS presents. MS may move fast, and it may move slow, but it never gets better. These things being said, have some common sense people. Quit wasting time thinking about changing your diet based on your blood type and believing it will cure diseases for which no regression can exist. Get off your butt and take a walk, run, 30 min of cardio 3 times a week. Eating healthy helps but there is no trick to it. Simply dont eat things that are bad for you! If you dont want to be fat then you might actually have to make a physical effort!
08/05/09 @ 21:01
Comment from: Julia [Visitor]
Neuro Doc,
You know there are times you should pull your head out of your western medical training rear and think back to when humans actually didn't have processed foods and all ate identically. Both my mother and my sister had/have MS. I took care of my mother as a child before she went into the nursing home. It was always about the drugs because that's what we are socialized to believe what will save us. You assumed they did this "diet" for weight loss and just insulted everyone by thinking all MS patients are fat. If YOU know about MS then you KNOW fatigue is a huge problem and getting up and doing cardio 3 times a week might actually harm them more than it does good. They chose to give this life-style change a try because they are tired of living a way that fills them with chemicals and still getting no where toward the healthy live-style they want or deserve. You Mr. Neuro Doc obviously didn't spend enough time learning about bio-anthropology or learning more about hope, zen, and well-being. Just b/c you didn't prescribe the diet or understand the diet or it doesn't have enough scientific support don't knock it because it seems to work for some people. Western Medicine has it's place. You need to stay in your place. Obviously you can't see beyond and hope for some natural way for the body to heal.
09/03/09 @ 23:22
Comment from: vivki [Visitor]
I am a transient quad. I am on several medications for nerve pain, clonis and spasticity, and bladder infections. I am also type O. I have many of the same symptons as those with MS. Will this diet work for me too? I would love to decrease or stop taking medications. Does anyone have any experience with this type of injury and the diet?
09/06/09 @ 20:59
Comment from: Kim [Visitor]
Neuro Doc,
I find it interesting that some people believe little pills can help make us better or temporarily relieve our pain, yet food cannot. Not only can food fix or help what's ailing us, it's also a large part of "why" so many are ill in the first place. Don't knock the BTD until you've given it an honest try. Why in the world would so many feel so much better if there weren't truth to it? I understand anyone's skepticism, I felt the same way once....and then I tried it and watched others around me try it, the transformations are amazing. I'm so glad you aren't my doctor. In "practicing" medicine I think you may want to be a little more open minded.
09/16/09 @ 16:11
Comment from: jo j [Visitor]
You know it is Docs like you that nearly destroyed my life! I am a 36 year old fitness instructor i was in- formed last year by a nuro surgeon that i had MS "we dont know how you got it, how it will affect you, and we cant cure it" THANKS! I took the initial 3 day steroids boy was i sorry, I went to the nurologist with tingling in my two small fingers (starting after a weights class) after the western answer i had depression, suicidal thoughts, several other "patches" and spine tingling, one year later i have changed my diet, i am full of energy!! i teach three to four hour long classes of high level aerobics, i swim i run and i am also a care assistant working night and day shifts!! Does WESTERN medicine have all the answers? hell no but it cant help sticking it`s nose in the air when it comes to alternatives. BTW if you are looking for information re MS there is a fantastic book called "up the creek with a paddle" it was my saviour giving me hope! I am reading the Eat right book and find the advice informative and well researched. There may not be an ANSWER to MS but it seems that survivors (i use this term as i live with not "suffer" from MS) are doing more to find answers then many medical officials tell me Mr Nuro surgeon have you every had your little life torn apart? How would you cope? badly i feel.
09/23/09 @ 15:44
Comment from: Sheila [Visitor]
It worked for me. I had some serious health problems. I am an O type and doctors now just scratch their heads. The skin eruptions are all gone that I had too. My mom is 78 y/o and I can tell when she is not eating right she gets feeble and confused. I still get itchy patches on my skin and loss of feeling in my legs from the knee down when I slip and eat something I didn't realize had wheat, corn or white potato in it.
09/29/09 @ 22:50
Comment from: Caregiver [Visitor]
Well, Neuro Doc, it seems that ego runs rampant in your profession. "Simply dont eat things that are bad for you!" (stet) Did you know that statin drugs cause neuromuscular damage? Guess you're not prescribing any statins, are you? But your cardiologist buddies probably do, just so both of you can have job security... And I can say this, because I have spent the last three years taking care of my boyfriend who had that EXACT SAME PROBLEM.

Now we are eating healthier, avoiding foods that are causing problems and making us feel poorly. He has quit taking the drugs that caused him such pain and weakness that he could not even get up when he fell out of bed. And the icing on the cake is, the supposed "cure" from his neurologist, an ImmunuGlobulin IV infusion, caused an allergic reaction (twice!) that affected his whole body and left him even weaker. But oh, how the docs love those insurance payments! Patients be damned, as long as you get paid!

"If you dont want to be fat then you might actually have to make a physical effort!" Well, Doctor Know-It-All, why don't you come and help my friend exercise? You can hold the Thera-bands while he tries to move his legs. He can barely walk, thanks to the abuse from the medical community. I'm sure a little personal attention would help him immensely. Perhaps that would make up for the doctor who wouldn't even visit him in the hospital while he was getting "treatment." Oh, yes, I forgot, that doesn't matter, as long as those checks keep coming in!

All your training and brainwashing by drug companies does not negate the fact that FOOD IS THE BEST MEDICINE (and there is a book by that name, written by a doctor. You might want to read it, maybe you'll learn something.

Yeah, I'm a little p!$$ed. But your snotty, arrogant attitude is just the "type" which makes us all seek other alternatives to "traditional" medicine.

No apologies here, I'm telling it like it is. Facts don't lie.

Best wishes to all who are struggling through their illnesses. Keep your chin up, there IS a better way, and we WILL follow it.

10/15/09 @ 14:47
Comment from: marina [Visitor] Email
To Neuro doc, your arrogance, ignorance and lack of basic compassion, let alone common sense is quite terrifying, but if a large percentage of doctors share your attitudes it explains why: Such an enormous amount of people die from medical malpractice and why such an enormous amount of people seek alternatives. In Australia the aborigines have an expression, its called "pointing the bone' referring to the habit of hexing people with negative expectations. In fact you are WRONG, I have come across many people who have actively improved their health after an MS diagnosis, including myself. If you understood MS at all you would also realise how important hope is for the outcome. In my 3 years of research into the disease the people who seem to do most badly rely on drugs alone. For others reading this comment, I cannot recommend highly enough Vitamin D 3 if you are not in a position to get adequate sunshine, there is more and more research on this issue [ plus its common sense we have gone to far in avoiding the sun which is obviously necessary for all life], + high quality fish oils/ oily fish and B12, currently we avoid organ meats, often with good reason[ i.e toxically reared live stock, but they would have been seen as prime sources of balanced nutrition in hunter gatherer days. As to you Neuro doc, I wonder if you've considered your true motivations underlying your behaviour, if you are at all self aware, I suggest you are being intentionally controversial to get a rise, so to speak. Perhaps you could re familiarise yourself with the Hippocratic Oath, if in fact you are a doctor at all, alternatively you could resign before you do any more harm
11/27/09 @ 16:36
Comment from: elizabeth [Visitor]

Just want you all to know about Lyme Disease as a disastrously missed diagnosis. Please read "Cure Unknown" by Scientific American writer Pamela Weintraub, and if possible see "Under Our Skin" a documentary of the epidemic, misdiagnosis issues, political issues, and CDC misinformation. This documentary is currently shortlisted for an Oscar this year, btw.

Diet is crucial to treatment of Lyme, and many many symptoms can be resolved through proper diet. but to eradicate the infection, a "kill" appraoch has to be taken, whether it is antibiotics, or as I have used, homeopathy, colloidal silver, herbs, electromedicine like rife machines, etc.

You may very well not have MS or any of the above listed diseases. But to explore the possiblity of Lyme it is best not to ask any of your regular doctors but seek out what is known as a Lyme Literate Doctor. This is critical to correct diagnosis, as there is no definitive test, and it is largely a clinical call. The book and film above address this situation. The best way to find a LLMD is to google for local Lyme Disease support groups, call up the leaders and ask to hear about the experiences of group members with local Lyme Docs (you cannot ask for a referral to one as they cannot give one, but you can effectively get that information by asking to hear member's preferences and experiences.) Failing this method, you can go to to find one, but I think it's best to get a very strong testimonial(s) as Lyme is a very difficult disease to treat.

Bravo to all of you who have healed so much with diets!

best wishes,
11/29/09 @ 00:59
Comment from: Dave [Visitor] Email
Debbie, were you able to function without the wheelchair and walker? Very inspiring story and quite an endorsement for this theory. It is amazing to me that a doctor would fire you as a patient for being proactive and developing a healthy diet plan for yourself. He/She must have felt insecure or something.
12/15/09 @ 10:02
Comment from: Mary [Visitor] Email
Hope is in itself healing.
Thanks for giving this 36 year old who has had MS for two and a half years the gift of hope.
Mr. Neuro Doc, sir, as a former hospice nurse we are inspired,by our patients and their families,to serve in compassionate care for the whole person; not merely focusing on the disease. I pray God softens your heart just as He has given you the ability and wisdom to be able to serve people they way you do.
God is a God of infinite possibility and He can use whatever means He chooses to heal. I know I don't have all the answers and I know, sir, that you don't either; but I do know He does. I will continue to stand on faith for total healing. In the meantime,I will also choose to pursue healthier options that might enable me to have a better quality of life,for the rest of the time I have left, for He alone knows that also. I may be just a poor,simple woman living deep in the mountains of West Virginia but I am not in this fight alone. I pray those who have read this far are blessed and encouraged, it's difficult enough living with this diagnosis, I refuse to live with fear as well.
I pray God heal you however He sees fit and that you give Him all the glory and the praise!
02/04/10 @ 18:30
Comment from: Debra [Visitor] Email
Well, I've read all the comments. I've had Dr. D'Adamo's books for several years now. I was diagnosed with MS in 2009. Went through about five neurologists all except one, claiming I had MS and must have had it since I was 15. I am 51; completely mobile; never had a walker or a cane; my lesions are in my brain, unfortunately. I tried copaxone (had allergic reaction to injections)for three weeks, could not tolerate it. Then it was discovered that at some time in my life I had lyme, took some lyme meds; saw a Fibro guy in PA; another rip off. Finally, I took my daughter's advice to just live my life. I did that with a certain amount of continued research, as well. I eventually went back to my personal library of resource books and am now re-reading the blood type books that I have had for several years. Initially, I adopted several of the beneficial and avoids for my blood type and they have become part of my diet for years now; not to lose weight but to just feel better. The not feeling better can be immediate or it can be so indirect that you can't always remember what you ate that is now causing joint pain or fatigue possibly days later. It is not necessarily the MS. It can be aging (which we would all like to slow down); menopause, the weather. I say if there is something within our power to control what's ailing us, then we should do it. And it seems to me that we can control what we put in our mouths. But that is a funny thing, because what we put in our mouths is also directly related to our emotions; not just our primal physical hunger; so it can be a slipper slope, but it can also be accomplished with some forethought; especially since we now have a food guide to live by for each of us. I think Dr. Adamo continued research and development of his father's original research was not only a blessing for us the larger population but also a tribute and honor to his father. What a good son. I am now expanding my understanding of blood cells and everything that goes with them by continuing to read the live right for your type installment and have given these books to my son-in-law for gifts hoping that his interest will rub off onto my daughter. All of this makes sense to me. BTW my father an O blood type died of melanoma, the most lethal to an O and the lowest survival rate of all types; it's in the book.Remember, just because lentils and cauliflower is good for some people, it may not be good for you or me and can be difficult to wrap your brain around, but continue to have an open mind on your journeys to optimum health. Good luck to all of you and don't give up; don't ever give up, especially when you feel it in your gut that you are on the right path. Many blessings to all.
02/09/10 @ 13:53
Comment from: lorraine reed [Visitor]
hi debbie
can you help me get started. I am o+ and was told that i have ms, optic neuritis, and trigeminal neuraglia.I have also been on IV steroids many times. I am at my wits end. I currently take a very painful shot called copaxone. thank you for your time. I am so happy I read this article
02/16/10 @ 22:19
Comment from: Laura T [Visitor] Email
Hi everyone!
I was just browsing the net for some info on diets that could work for me. I'm 44 years old, mother of two teenage boys and working full time. I love meat, but I 've been trying to eat "healthy"food...yoghurts, green tea, so I prepare my salads with plenty of tuna and spinach, lettuce and avocado....but..I haven't lost a gram!!! HELP!!! Now i know I'm Blood type 0...should I change my diet and eat more meat?? ( I've been told to eat fresh produce, unprocessed, chlorophyle packed, etc).
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
03/05/10 @ 18:32
Comment from: Tammy [Visitor]
I have had chronic migraines for over 10 years now. Has it been reported that being on the wrong diet can cause this as well?
04/02/10 @ 23:34
Comment from: Natalie [Visitor]
Hi Debbie,

Your story was very inspiring Debbie. I also have MS and am Avonex and have had Ms for the past 22 years. I also am a O- and am very interested in starting this healthy living diet that your talking about. Ive been on medication for my MS for so long and am no longer working and if i could change all that with a healthy diet, my prayers would be answered.
04/14/10 @ 03:47
Comment from: Aly [Visitor]
The Neuro Doc (comment above) is an idiot, and probably not even a neuro-doc but a podiatrist or something, BUT I do want to say something to Debbie, and the rest of the gang on here with MS. There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying on your interferon meds AND doing the blood-type diet. Feeling better and working hard at it is no reason to stop the interferons. I have MS and I am 33. I have followed the blood-type diet on & off since I was 19yo. It is genius stuff, but with a disease like MS there is only one thing right now that almost certainly improves your chances of staying out of the wheelchair - and that is interferon meds. Do the Blood Type Diet AND your interferon meds and you've got a long-term chance at living a full functioning life. The nature of the disease of MS makes us think we can do without the meds, that we're better and that no one else knows what they're talking about (I know the docs are in the dark), but the interferons, which are chemicals made by your body - not a foreign chemical, are the most likely to work with your new-found healthy lifestyle to save you from major issues. Please heed. Debbie- 11 months is not long enough to be sure its a good idea to stop your interferons, in my opinion, but I'm so inspired by you anyway.
Love & gratitude to you all!
04/19/10 @ 16:07
Comment from: josie titus [Visitor] Email
How do i get started.what do i have to do first. i have MS i use a rolling walker in the house,a elec. wheelchair outside the house.
04/21/10 @ 10:09
Comment from: Renee [Visitor]
Thank you. I was just diagnoised with Permanent Progressive MS. I am looking for answers. Ran accross the book in the Book store sat down and knew I had found an anwser to heal me. I was NOT getting help from the MD/Neuro that I was was go home do the best you can and it will kill you! BULL
I have hope !! Thank you!!

I don't understand the secrector or non secrector though?
04/26/10 @ 15:04
Comment from: josie titus [Visitor]
I have had ms since 1991.what do i need to do to get started.
thank you josie
04/26/10 @ 23:14
Comment from: tara kirkman [Visitor]
debbie I'm impressed with your story I'm always trying to eat healthy.But I'm always up and down with it too.This time I have to stick with it.I have couple of health problems myself,I'm a very bad aenemic I had to have 3units of blood a couple of months ago,and just found out that I have highblood pressure.I wants to know how do I go about doing this change of life?
04/29/10 @ 11:54
Comment from: Arwen [Visitor]
Just remember Neuro Doc, that we still have little in the way of truly understanding the body. How do you know blood type and diet has little impact on MS? Until there is more research don't be so discouraging. Even if the diet is more to do with mental health and outlook, is that so bad? And what if it does ACTUALLY help slow the disease? Surely that should be something you are rejoicing over, as someone who has trained in a profession that aims to HEAL people.

Just remember.....many of the greatest scientific minds in history were laughed at when they first presented their ideas, whether it be through claiming that the world is not flat and in fact round, or through proposing the theory of evolution. In fact you remind a bit of the catholic church in old 16th, 17th century Europe, who would look down upon any scientific developments that threatened the status quo. Many of those ideas looked down upon, are now widely accepted as true, so be careful who you ridicule. They might just be onto something.

05/06/10 @ 14:35
Comment from: Derick Jones [Visitor] ·
God bless you for this inspiring post. I know many people who have chronic problems and don't like taking drugs. I need to ask them to read this. They can learn a lot from the interview. Thank you.
05/14/10 @ 09:14
Comment from: Kim [Visitor] Email
I've read all your posts and am thrilled for the people this diet has helped.

My dad has MS and I'm always searching for something to relieve his suffering.
He's tried everything: Interferon; Betaferon; Evening Primrose; Vit. D; Acupuncture. You name it he's tried it.
I only wish that he'd try this change of life plan. Unfortunately he's a traditional meat and two veg. man. He won't even try pizza, pasta or rice if you can believe that! I'm at a loss.

Personally my problem with this diet is that I've been a vegetarian for twenty years and just couldn't ever eat meat again. According to this diet with my blood type (O) I shouldn't eat lentils and should be a carnivore. I love lentils and all vegetables and just can't believe they could be bad for a person.

Were any of you vegetarians before you changed your lives with this plan? I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you, and again well done to those who've had the courage to change their ways of thinking.
05/15/10 @ 01:42
Comment from: Thekla [Visitor]
Kim, you don't mention your father's blood type. I am an O- and I do eat some meat. I no longer eat legumes--they are also a no-no on the best-bet diet for ms, so no matter how I looked at them, they weren't good for me. As for transitioning from a vegetarian diet, maybe adding fish would be easier, especially cold water fish rich in Omega 3's. I do not eat meat daily. I eat a lot of salads and nuts and some brown rice. So maybe review the food lists and see what you can try to add, and what you need to eliminate. I initially lost some weight figuring this out. I have found plenty of vegetables and fruits that I can eat. I also eat a lot of ethnic dishes to work around what I can't eat. I like Greek and Moroccan foods. I skip Mexican. Good luck!
05/15/10 @ 19:40
Comment from: Rebecca [Visitor]
I have been sick for two years and have seen many doctors who have not been able to diagnose me. Two years ago I was going through menopause, was told I a disc issue in my neck so I had two eipdurals under anesthesia, had two carpel tunnel surgeries (anesthesia again) and finally Synvisc injections in my knees (3 each knee) for osteoarthritis. I also had several steroid injections in my shoulders for pain. So, one day shortly after my last Synvisc injection my ankles were swollen so big I couldn't put on my shoes, they hurt and I couldn't walk! For nearly two years I have had these symptoms and my hands are now deformed like I have rheumatoid arthritis even though tests are negative. I have a body that I don't recognize anymore, constant pain, I lost 30 pounds over night, had no appetite and prayed to God to let me go. I have seen a rheumatologist, hematologist, pain management doc, hand surgeon, chiropractor and a primary care physician. My chiropractor is the only one who has been able to give me some pain relief but I am still pretty much disabled. A friend recommended a Homeopathic doc and I saw him a week ago. One of the things he did was put me on the blood type diet (type O for me) and even thought it has been a big adjustment and I have gone through some rough days, I am starting to feel a bit better and believe for the first time in my life I have hope of recovering. My hematologist most recently sent me for a ton of labs that were very expensive, nothing came up (fortunately) but since she had no answers for me, she wants me to have a brain MRI with contrast! I do not want to inject any more foreign material into my body after reacting so severely to everything else. This doc is also looking for MS, but I am postponing any more major tests and follow this diet. After reading all of your testimonials, I have renewed hope and faith that I too will get better.
05/21/10 @ 12:14
Comment from: TM [Visitor]
I have a good friend recently diagnosed with MS which is why I am researching. My Mother died 9 years ago of ovarian cancer. While going through her 2 year illness, I learned a lot about the American Medical Association (mostly negative). If my husband and I can go totally alternative . . . we will. I think that emergency medicine is wonderful but all the other stuff will kill you! Never stop researching!!!
05/21/10 @ 23:25
Comment from: Kim [Visitor]
Has anyone known of Eating Right for your Blood Type to help Ulcerative Colitis.
06/18/10 @ 18:57
Comment from: TerriW [Visitor]
to Kim re:ulcerative colitis - I don't know specifically if it helps but I feel strongly that it certainly can't hurt to try! Good Luck!
06/19/10 @ 15:24
Not sure if you were responding to me (debra) or Debbie (featured article). In any event, just as an update, I have been following my -0 blood type eating plan since the second half of February and I have lost 15 pounds effortlessly. I also had a mysterious rash for about 2 years that surfaced when my MD put me on cymbalta for fibromyalgia. In the week I took the cymbalta, I acquired a rash that would not go away no matter what I used. Since around March, it has been gone, until it resurfaced a little about a week ago, and I attribute that to some of the things I ate last week that I should not have eaten. I made the mistake of going to a Chinese buffet; tried to eat sensibly, but the foods are cooked in sauces and vinegars that as an -0 non-secretor I am not supposed to have. I'm back on track, and it is going away on its own. The proof is in the pudding (that I can' eat). This has been nothing short of a miracle for me. I am putting myself under the care of a neurologist (the one that does not believe I have MS, yeah!!!)just to keep an eye on me and order MRIs. Additionally, I will be visiting a genetic nutritionist who is a BTD certified follower to manage some of the stress that I believe is the trigger for my fatigue. I also see a chiropractor who has been managing the pain of fibro patients for about 20 years and happens to formerly be a biologist, (go figure)and he is all for alternative therapies including BTD. We truly have to take our health into our own hands these days, by doing our own research and asking more questions. Thank God for the Drs. D'Adamo.
06/24/10 @ 09:28
Debra again, BTW: I feel great when I eat a steak, preferably filet mignon or rib eye. If I have a steak for dinner, I have energy reseves into the next day. It's not the same as when I eat chicken or turkey. Even though I suffer with fatigue issues and Fibro, I still feel so much better overall. Thanks again for reading.

Someone wrote about ulcerative cholitis, I believe that if the BTD is followed for the correct BT, all things will improve. My aunt has been on GERD medicine like forever, since she and her family has been following their specific eating plans with the BTD, she has not had to take any medicine and she also has a hiatal hernia (no problems there either). So, I do believe all things can be helped and/or corrected. God bless.
06/24/10 @ 09:39
Comment from: Michelle [Visitor] ·
I am new to the BTD, I am currently reading the book I plan on giving it a try without question. I have been diagnosed with lupus about 20 years ago I am type O and have always believed that the foods I eat is the cause. This is why the BTD makes sense to me I know when I am going to have a flare-up I can feel it coming on I am currently no on any medications have not been for about 5 years now once my eating habits changed.

I have over the last 10 years been eating what I thought was healthier well looks like I still have to work at that as a result of the BTD book.

I am always open to new ideas for improved health and living in general.
Is there a forum or message board I would like to see more inspiring post from others.

07/07/10 @ 12:31
Comment from: JMC [Visitor]
I hope to try this soon, as I am at my wits end. Got dx'd with hypothyroidism and it has been an absolute nightmare! They are constantly adjusting my meds and I DON'T feel any better despite efforts on my part. I also suffer from PCOS so my cycles are screwy too. I am thinking of trying this diet as a last resort as my weight keeps climbing and I am watching my calories!
07/23/10 @ 14:38
Comment from: Becky [Visitor] Email
I was diagnosed with MS in 1994 at the age of 26. I went through several years of episodes, with the worst being complete numbness on my right side. Of course the treatment was an IV of Prednisone for 2 weeks, which fried my hair and I bloated up 3 sizes. I went to a holistic chiropractor recommended by a friend originally to get the Prednisone out of my system. He tested me using Kinesiology to see how my body reacts to certain foods and elements. I immediately stopped eating wheat, corn and soy. I have stayed eating this way for 16 years, and have not had any more episodes. My last visit to the neurologist for a checkup was 2 years ago, and he said there were no active lesions. He also said that if he didn't personally know the doctor who had diagnosed me, he would question the diagnosis. Thankfully he told me to keep doing what I was doing, and come see him if I needed to.

I have tried to explain my story to the MS Society in hopes that they would post it to help others. Unfortunately they are blinded by science. I am so glad that all of you are following this diet, if nothing else to feel good.

My comments to the doctor who posted are: No one has stated that they are cured. It is what it is, but we on this site choose to take control of our diseases instead of letting them control us. What harm is there in our choice to eat healthier? While you doctors continually flip-flop on what is the next best cure-all, we have made a better life for ourselves.

All the doctors and books told me not to have children because I could get worse. I only have to look at my 11 year old daughter and know that only I know what is best for myself and NO ONE can tell me differently.
08/23/10 @ 15:34
Comment from: sandy Brisbane [Visitor]
Do you think your secretor status affects anything? i.e. would one be prescribed exactly the same diet to each variation? Thanks Sandy?
09/24/10 @ 05:39
Comment from: carol shoemaker [Visitor] Email ·
I have had problems with my feet for about 9 years now. Excruciating pain, stabbing sensations, hot/cold, swelling, you name it. My friend told me about the book, Eat Right For Your Blood Type and that she had also lost weight, which I need to do as well.

After reading Debbie Cardone's story I am sold. In fact, I am on my way to the bookstore to pick up this book. I do know that the 'life' is in 'the blood' abd it makes sense that the different blood types would have a different diet attached to it.

By the way, Dr. 'Adamo' has an intersting name, since 'Adam' was the first man and Adam means 'earth'. Perhaps it was in his 'blueprint' to come up with this information for the human race.
10/02/10 @ 14:03
Comment from: John - Shellharbour [Visitor]
I have enjoyed reading most of this thread and would like to contribute.
I am an Australian naturopath (previously a scientist). I use Touch for Health (kinesiology) testing as a major modality in my clinic. My health was "stuffed" in my 20's by medical misdiagnosis and interference, but the medicos were doing what they thought was best for me. When I finally was sick enough, I initially studied naturopathic nutrition to see if I could find some help. TFH was an integral part of my course and it showed me I was sensitive to wheat, dairy and eggs, foods that had been a major part of my diet for 40 years. When I removed these foods from my diet, many of my gut and headache symptoms improved dramatically. So after I graduated as a Naturopath, I specialised in food sensitivities and all the problems they cause. Soon earned a reputation for solving many health problems.
When I first read of D'Adamo's work, I was sceptical, but after a while I found I was successfully "guessing" people's blood type based on the patterns of food sensitivities from muscle tests. So I reduced food testing and started patients on their blood type diet and then fine tuned if some symptoms remained. I have found this approach very successful for about 15 years. I would say it is about 80% accurate.
I am type O, but I am highly allergic to eggs which should be beneficial. That is bio-individuality.
I have found recommending diets based on kinesiology and blood type bad for business as it tends to improve so many people so quickly that they have no need for return visits, especially younger people.
Dr Death would not be able to get his mind around these concepts, but I have hundreds of people who claim I have turned their health around with only a visit or two. However, those who have taken medical drugs for a long time will see improvement but not cure from the ABO diets - drugs take their toll and we must often live with the consequences, but not eating foods our bodies do not like reduces the burden.
I often feel frustrated when I am confronted by people whose bodies have been damaged by a lifetime of eating foods which have harmed them and they finish up with MS, RA, cancer, ulcers, IBS etc. Drug therapy might relieve some symptoms for a while but it eventually increases their burden.
Blood type diet is an excellent start to improving health. If your health has deteriorated I suggest you incorporate it into an overall healthy lifestyle and find a naturopath who uses kinesiology and blood type diet for further guidance. Please don't self-diagnose or go off your medications without professional support.
10/12/10 @ 03:15
Comment from: Val [Visitor]
Debbie's story is amazing - good on you Debbie for trying something different.
I have had Polymyalgia Rheumatica for 2 years now and I have tried everything I can think of to get my muscles back to normal again - but nothing has worked - so I will give the BTD a try. Has anyone with Polymyalgia had any success with this diet?
01/18/11 @ 04:56
Comment from: Suzann [Visitor]
Well I have read this entire article, and I must say that I too believe in natural healing.I was diagnosed in 1996 on christmas eve.with a disease compatable with MS..Whatever that means! I have been told by another neurologist that i have progressive, remitting MS..Copaxone was my alternative he claimed., until prayer kept me away from using it!!( just weeks after i recieved the kit)Thank God i didnt go any further with it because a notice came in the mail notifiying me that the sterilized water IN THE KIT was Contaminated...DO NOT USE..I am type O , i find it very intresting that all the people in this article are O blood types...hmmm, i am going to try this diet, ASAP..i know that all of these great reports are not lies...but i do know that it appears it is truly OBVIOUS that it is in the best intrest of the medical field/ ms society/ etc.. to keep us ill...otherwise how would they make such fantastic money, donations/ at our expense!! please forgive my tying, i took dance instead, Who knew?? Thank You Kindly, Suzann
02/15/11 @ 00:33
Comment from: Sharon [Visitor]
I am 43 and have been suffering with undiagnosed upper right quadrant abdominal pain for over two years now, with extreme fatigue, chronic anemia, a Morton's neuroma in my right foot and several herniated and ruptured discs up and down my spine. Many docs have told me everything from over-exertion to peri-menopause to IBS but nothing conclusive. The last just stated I was a difficult case and referred me to the Cleveland Clinic unbelievable! I am also an O- BT and have been on the BTD since Dec 28 2010. It was given to me by my Dr of Naturopathy and I have had a really hard time adjusting but went 'cold turkey' off the AVOIDS. I have been researching Celiac Disease as gluten intolerence is a major factor there also and both of my A+ children exhibit symptoms of gluten and dairy intolerence. Does anyone know of a correlation between blood type and Celiac or has anyone used the BTD for help correcting the long term effects of this disease? It has never been diagnosed in either of my or my spouse's families.

"Neuro Doc" please refrain from spewing negativity all over all of us even those of us who have been taking good care of ourselves and exercising still find that our bodies are fighting to survive, why all the blame game? Remember you took an oath to "do no harm" that includes psychologically!

Everyone else keep on the path to wellness and follow your instincts they are ALWAYS correct.
02/27/11 @ 23:04
Comment from: Mary [Visitor]
In 2007 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. As a child I could not tolerate dairy (due to casein) and my mother had been diagnosed with celiac disease. I intuitively decided to cut out dairy and gluten and within a week I was fully recovered and have not had a flair up since. I found the BTD (I am O) in 2008 and was surprised to find I was doing the right thing. I have tweaked my diet to match the Type O even better and have not had any problems with UC.

I do not know if there is a blood type connection with celiac. I am O, my mother was A. but I believe the diet has helped.
03/06/11 @ 18:08
Comment from: John [Visitor] Email ·
I am new in here and just started the BTD about 1 week ago. After reading the neuro doc's posts, i felt the need to respond. I'm usually pretty quiet when 1st entering a forum/discussion, but, knowing what I know now, I must speak my mind ( which is NOT up my butt, as yours seems to be )I've had Tourettes Syndrome since age 10. Multiple tics, of which a severe head twitch was my worse,most painful symptom, hitting myself ( lightly), grinding my teeth and heavy sniffing/snorting have been among the many symptoms throughout the last 45 years. I've been given many prognosis and drugs,since age 10, by our esteemed and "Practicing" medical profession. Neuro Doc, you sound like the typical M.D. fearful of losing his livliehood of patients who support you, your family, nice cars and your home. just imagine if EVERYONE knew the truth of how the medical establishment and government strive to keep us citizens sick and on drugs, which just make us sicker. Have any M.D.s ever heard of CURING a patient? Do they EVEN WANT to? Does ANY M.D. actually do the job they are paid and expected to do by their patients? Get your head out of your butt and open your mind, for once, and you might learn something new. I'm sure Dr. D'adamo has something for YOUR type that will clean the c**p out of your mind and remove your head from where it's been stuck for God knows how long! THEN, you MIGHT start to see better and "practice" in terms of what's best for your PATIENTS and NOT your WALLET!
03/07/11 @ 22:46
Comment from: John [Visitor] Email ·
Debbie, thank you for sharing your story and ( I forget who's comment it was ) I was brought to tears feeling I have hope.
since i had a stent placed in a artery in Nov. 2010 and on Plavix 75mg for at least 1 year, I've not felt well at all. I have few good days, but, most are of some type pain and ( I'm diagnosed with ) peripheral neuropathy. I was healthy just 5 or 6 years ago and I know much of my 'pain' is stress related. Being a Type O+
and having a stomach disorders as well as Tourettes Syndrome ( since age 10 ), at least I now have hope, guidance and support for these challenges, that I never had with traditional western medicine. thank you and I look forward to getting to know everyone and share what is/isn't working for me. A quick note: After 2 weeks of NO breads ( except about 4 slices of pizza - probably my biggest temptation & downfall in my diet ), I've lost about 4 pounds and am being told I look good, even though I don't often feel that good. Have a great week All!
03/07/11 @ 22:59
Comment from: O in Virginia [Visitor]
What an inspiring, moving story. Thank you so much for sharing this. I immediately began to feel much better following my O BTD and later swami. I did not have bad health before, just starting to have some issues that were inexplicable, and that have now cleared up eating the way I should. But to see someone with MS or another condition be able to REVERSE the condition with BTD is truly awesome and wonderful.
05/23/11 @ 11:05
Comment from: Helena Giraldo [Visitor]
Hi Debbie,

I am 32 and have been having multiple problems, from multiple pains and aches
In my body to my knees and shoulder; I am also must of the time very tired and with not energy at all. I just got some of the books for eat right for your blood type so I am very exited to star.
Do you know any kind of a grocery list for blood type O; I will appreciate any help that I can get in regards to this.

Helena Giraldo.
06/01/11 @ 12:13
Comment from: Sharon [Visitor]
I am 50 years old, type O and have been on the BTD for almost a year now. A friend at work introduced me to it and I am so glad she did. It has changed my life. I was gaining weight even though I exercised regularly, plus I felt tired and lethargic. Once I eliminated bread and dairy, I started feeling so much better and the weight literally dropped off. My friends can't believe how much weight I've lost. I really haven't changed the way I exercise, I just eat high protein and lots of fruits/veggies on my beneficial list. Thanks Dr. D for writing the book on Eating right for your Type.
06/21/11 @ 17:19

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