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Comment from: Kasia [Visitor]
Have I been stupid to refuse warfarin ?(O+)
I am inclined to believe that Os don't need the assumed automatic injection of the stuff each day and night in a recent hospital stay in USA.
I have not as a result developed dvt though that has yet to be seen over the next few days I suppose. I remained mobile i.e. doing exercises while in essential bedrest.
How can I clarify this issue with Dr P or others from the organisation?

Hopefully and respectfully yours, etc
06/07/08 @ 20:44
Comment from: Tom [Member] Email
It would be very unwise to simply rely on blood group as an indicator of the need for anticoagulants or not. Many other factors can influence blood clotting, including secretor status. As mentioned in the article above, "There are alternatives to Warfarin such as fish oils, gingko biloba and garlic tablets, but as with Warfarin, supplement intake and blood clotting time must be monitored regularly and supervised by a physician, preferably a naturopath."
06/08/08 @ 06:43

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