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Comment from: Treadmill Traci [Visitor]
I am on the computer a lot during the day. Nearly everyday. And by saturday my neck and shoulders have absolutely had it. Exercise is a great idea for someone like us. So i too mowed the lawn, front and back. It felt good to be moving again. But later, coincidently enough, i went swimming at my in-law's pool and I must have done something wrong because my neck was killing me by the end. I heard swimming is a great exercise but it hurt me something awful.
06/13/11 @ 14:10
Comment from: Paula 0+ explorer [Visitor]
Thanks that sounds so wonderful and relaxing! It's been unusually cool here in NorCal, until yesterday, I think it got into the 80's or at least high 70's. So it hasn't felt like spring or summer but more like Cali winter. Anyway, just walking outside after work at 8pm to warm weather and the sunset colors in the sky gave a similar nice feeling. But this morning I am achy from the lack of real exercise. You've inspired me to look for either a local public pool, or to take a hike with the dog soon, maybe this afternoon. Thanks for your lovely writing!
06/15/11 @ 09:23

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