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Comment from: Nowishow - Connie [Visitor]
07/30/09 @ 14:57
Comment from: BendB [Visitor]
Good for you Suzanne! I have a similar achievement. I have been doing exercise tapes and either skipped the pushups or modified to the knee form. Then I hurt my knee and started doing the pushups off the wall or the arm of my couch. After a few months my knee felt better so I tried a full, real, from the toes pushup and I could do it! I kept at it and can now do 15 full military-style men's pushups. Unbelievable! I can feel the muscles all down my back and legs and abdomen supporting my weight while my strong biceps and shoulders propel me up again. So cool. And I'm 48. Then my strong son (military man) says you should do them from suspended rings like the Army Rangers do because it will hit your stabilizing muscles too. Well, one achievement at a time!
07/30/09 @ 18:47
Comment from: admin [Member]
Cute blog.
07/31/09 @ 08:52

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