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Comment from: Vicki [Visitor]
Thanks for reminding me to check the selenium in two supplements I use. I will continue to use them on alternate days!

02/08/09 @ 00:25
Comment from: Mrs T O+ [Visitor]
We have to be vigilant. I am afraid there are forces who want to take away our rights to choose what to eat & what to supplement ourselves with. The BTD will reduce the needs for supps., so that should motivate us to keep with it! Part of the reason for this situation may be the drug companies. Of course, if they were smart, they would produce high-quality supps. & make more money, but they are obvioulsy blinded in their greed or selfishness!
02/11/09 @ 12:10
Comment from: Mrs T O+ [Visitor]
Re: Vitamin E & A. I take them. When I was younger, I had signs of Vit. A deficiency(I also think I'm a nonnie.)& was also getting colds, etc. more. I was afraid to take too much A & D. I was wrong. When I started taking them, I got better. So, I think we may need some, but not is such megadoses. E is good against cancer as well as heart trouble, strengthens the vessels, & works with the other fat-soluble vitamins. This past year, I upped my D, as well as trying to get more sun for a few years. This winter, I don't seem to have the mild depression I normally would have had by this time!
Vit. A also got rid of those bumps I had on my upper arms. Many folks have them. I had them in later teens & 20s. I think A & sunshine got rid of them.
I must have a personal need for more A.
[I also had a small wart at 13 & aother one at 18 or 19, related to low A. I haven't gotten one since!(I'm 61.)]
But I maintain that the best diet will solve many issues. But the older we are, the more deficiencies we may have.
I'm sure a good multi that is relatively low in A & E is safe for Os.
02/11/09 @ 12:22

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