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Comment from: Ruth [Visitor]
I also had some calcium deposits in my "baseline" mammogram I had around age 35. Interestingly, it was only in my left breast.

I nursed a lot more on that side- I'm right handed and it was easier for me to nurse on the left while doing things with my right hand (such as playing on the computer.) My son weaned from the right breast about 2 years before he weaned completely. I nursed for over 6 years on the left breast (all my kids combined) and about 4 years on the right.

After doing some online research, I discovered that calcium deposits are common in the breasts of women who nursed long-term. It's just "rare" in America for doctors to see that because few American women breastfeed for longer than a year or two total.

I've been using transdermal magnesium oil for over a year. I'm curious if the calcium deposits have shrunk or disappeared, but not curious enough to schedule a test that I don't need.
07/25/12 @ 21:09
Comment from: Karen B. [Visitor]
I don't take calcium supplements because they bother my stomach but I do take VK, D and mag. I feel better about what I'm doing after reading your blog today. Thanks!
07/25/12 @ 23:00
Comment from: Brett650 [Visitor]
I would think the calcium:magnesium ratios in Dr. D'Adamo's Phytocal supplements should represent his recommendation of the correct ratio.

Type O - 5:1 (magnesium citrate)
Type A - 5:1 (magnesium citrate)
Type B - about 3:1 (magnesium oxide)
Type AB - 2:1 (magnesium oxide)

My Google research indicates that magnesium oxide is NOT absorbed well by the body.

Phytocal for O and B also contain Vitamin K1 (phytonadione) but no K2. Hmm ...


Very interesting information Brett. Thank you for posting it!

The thing that perplexes me is that if I was taking 5:1 calcium:magnesium I would be hopelessly constipated.

Dr. D always has a reason for everything...I'm just wondering what it is...
09/02/12 @ 14:40
Comment from: Brett650 [Visitor]
For what it's worth, after poking around the 4yourtype website some more, I decided to try the "All GenoTypes Multimineral" which has 300 mg calcium, 100 mg magnesium (from magnesium citrate), and other good stuff including 800 IU Vitamin D3.

Dr. D promises that his Maerl calcium is better absorbed by the body than other calcium supplements, which (I'm guessing) might mean it's less likely to cause constipation.
09/03/12 @ 02:24

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