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Comment from: mariellen rose [Visitor] Email
Thanks for explaining the bail out in terms I can understand. And I, too, have decided to try a combo of the two diets.
10/11/08 @ 14:11
Comment from: Kate [Visitor]
According to what I believe to be Christian principles, the "least of these" is as worthy of life as the "greatest of these".

Further, if one commits to being a public service/safety professional, than it is absolutely necessary to respond in a professional manner and protect All life.

Suzzanne, even for you, this entry was too judgemental.

10/13/08 @ 18:28
Comment from: Suzanne [Member] Email
Kate, I’m so sorry you misinterpreted me! As a Christian, I totally agree with you about the value of life. That wasn’t the point of the illustration.

The analogy was that it is irritating to be bailing out some of the greedy, selfish financial companies that have gotten themselves into economic trouble. (They are the derelicts). However to let the companies fail (to let the house burn down in the analogy) will mean a far-reaching economic crisis in the country that will effect every person at every level (burning down the neighborhood).

10/14/08 @ 02:02

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