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Comment from: Square Peg Guy [Visitor] · http://square--peg.blogspot.com/
Could the drift be related to insulin resistance? Cholesterol is needed to make insulin, so if you need more insulin to maintain blood sugar levels, you'll need more cholesterol, as well, I guess.

I've never been able to get my total level below 250 without Lipitor, which I was on for a few years.

Even on 1200mg Red Yeast Rice & CoQ10, & 1000mg Niacin, my level is at 250. I just increased the Niacin to 1500mg in July and will get tested tomorrow.

And I wonder if it even matters?
09/21/09 @ 13:23
Comment from: DD [Visitor]
Hooray for having a wonderful, happy, healthy MM!!!
09/22/09 @ 08:07
Comment from: Kumar [Visitor] Email
Thanks Suzane for the eye-opener. I have followed BTD since 2006 and then shifted to GTD and now again to BTD. Except for triglyceride (which tends to keep higher now and then)and HDL (which has always kept lower than the scale), I have my cholestorel, LDL, and VLDL all are within the range for the last three years or so, though they used to be much higher than the scale. I am now 53+ and will keep monitoring to see if there is a drift due to aging.
09/22/09 @ 22:19

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