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Comment from: Eric [Visitor] ·
That's so funny! Last night I did the same thing- I made sweet potato fries with ghee, due to the cost of olive oil. It was so easy, and tasted great! Thanks for the blog. I love our little community!
11/18/09 @ 17:47
Comment from: JPR [Visitor]
I found the article interesting but I still don't understand how to make ghee. I would love to have the specific instructions on making ghee.
11/19/09 @ 23:17
Comment from: Suzanne [Member] Email
I use Dr. D's recipe. Try this link.
11/20/09 @ 00:59
Comment from: Carole Martin [Visitor] Email
Suzanne, I have been enjoying your blog since you started it... I'm an A (HH and SS are type O). But I have a quick question... how is this ghee if the milk solids are not being removed from the pan? Just curious...
01/02/10 @ 07:04
Comment from: Suzanne [Member] Email
I am not suggesting "quick ghee" as a substitute for making a pan of ghee in the normal way. When I make a large pan of ghee, I remove the solids. But if I'm out of ghee and and in a hurry, I do "quick ghee" in with just a couple of teaspoons of butter. There aren't enough solids left for me to worry about.

I'm not a chemist, but clearly ghee is different from melted butter. It's the butyrates that I'm interested in, and they seem to form during the heating process. My body is not so sensitive nor my digestive system so fragile, that a few unfiltered milk solids would outweigh the beneficial effects of the butyrates.
01/02/10 @ 12:38
Comment from: Pinoy [Visitor] ·
Thank you for sharing such an interesting and informative article. - Pinoy
01/15/10 @ 13:28
Comment from: Carole Martin [Visitor] Email
Thanks, Suzanne. I continue to learn so much every day... I really didn't pick up on the butyrate benefit of ghee. I just read about your mother passing. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. Both my parents died within 11 months of each other. First, my mother after being in ICU for a month, then my father at home in hospice. My Bible, the Lord Jesus, and the BTD are what saw me through the most difficult time of my life so far.
01/15/10 @ 21:37
Comment from: Term papers [Visitor] ·
Wow It is really, really easy to burn Quick Ghee. I definitely try this, stay My stove. Don’t turn My back. I can have a smoky mess faster than I think. Fortunately you did not smoke up the kitchen, but once you came close enough to remind yourself and me to be cautions.
02/03/10 @ 02:14
Comment from: kojo [Visitor] ·
I can confirm that potato fries with ghee are great !
04/30/10 @ 08:03
Comment from: Alice Hill [Visitor] Email
Guess it's been an intuitive thing that i've browned my butter before scrambling my eggs... just loved the flavor. Now that i've learned to make the real thing (ghee), I'll use it in my scrambled eggs!
05/03/10 @ 12:41

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