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Comment from: laroquea [Visitor]
I actually got on here this morning as I am trying like crazy to find out if I can eat Edamame as a B type. I love the stuff! I can eat an entire bag for a meal if I am really hungry. What I like the most is to boil the bag with some chili flavored olive oil I get at Whole Foods. I do suck the beans out. I never thought of eating the pod, but it does not sound good. I have eaten the beans just as a side dish and do not enjoy it very much. It's too much fun to sit and pop the beans out. My best friend turned me on to doing this in place of popcorn, which I definately can't eat as a B. My question is this: It seems that B's are supposed to avoid soy products. I need to find out if I am understanding this correctly, as I had been replacing all peanut products with soy and even used soy milk on occassion in my coffee. However, edamame is my biggest soy product. I even enjoy using the beans in my salads to add some protein. Anybody know the answer to this? I would appreciate some clarification!
08/01/08 @ 10:38
Comment from: mobile website [Visitor]
Your article was very interesting. I could not have said it better! What a great article. Thank you for sharing. Keep posting articles like this - really enjoyed it and the rest of your site Great find. Thanks.
05/24/10 @ 05:33
Comment from: jacki [Visitor] Email
omg, I've been eating these my whole life! So yummy! I first had them as a kid at Japanese restaurants, and we never ate the pod, just discarded it in the extra bowl provided. about 10 years ago I was able to find them in my small town grocery freezer. SO GOOD! You've been missing out, DELICIOUS! I microwave or steam the whole pods, then sprinkle liberally with sea salt. Nothing better!
07/11/11 @ 14:41

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