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Comment from: Lady South 770 [Visitor]
Amaranth has NEVER worked for me.
Apparently it contains something that my starch-resistant system cannot handle. I have tried amaranthy in several forms - no go for me!
09/16/11 @ 12:51
Comment from: Ruth [Visitor]
Sounds like you made amaranth polenta!
09/22/11 @ 16:48
Comment from: Balletomane [Visitor] Email
Thanks for the great tips. I do have a rice cooker so I'd like to try cooking amaranth in it. What would be the ideal ratio for the grains and water? Do you soak before cooking it?
09/23/11 @ 06:57
Comment from: Suzanne [Member] Email
I used the same water to grain ratio that the package recommended for cooking amaranth on the stove top. I did not soak it, but I may have rinsed it like I do quinoa.
09/23/11 @ 09:11
Comment from: Marge Teilhaber [Visitor] Email
Really appreciate this blog entry! Bought amaranth for the first time. Dr. Oz said something like it's the most healthy grain ever so enough said. He speaks, I buy! Love him. But want to use my rice cooker of course. The greatest thing in the world. I rinsed 1C amaranth in my extra fine strainer which I bought to wash quinoa and see that I now need it for amaranth (
stainless steel 10" round extra fine 1/32" mesh $35 made unfortunately in China) and combined it with 2C water in rice cooker and chose the brown rice setting since my excellent "The Ultimate Rice Cooker" cook recommends that for quinoa (oddly doesn't mention amaranth). Cooking now. Going to add it to my leftovers (mariscada) from a Spanish restaurant to soak up the sauce.

I let it complete the cycle and my first impression was gruel but that's not necessarily bad. Sticky gruel actually. I ate a few spoonfuls and instantly love it plain. Nevertheless, since I created all this nice red sauce from my mariscada by swishing water into the take-home container and dumping it in the bowl (a trick that never fails to make luscious gravy), there was too much red sauce to waste eating it like soup; I dumped half of my amaranth in there and mixed. DELICIOUS AND FILLIING. THANK YOU FOR GETTING ME STARTED ON AMARANTH!
01/10/12 @ 21:26

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