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Comment from: Vicki [Visitor]
Hey there. All my friends had horror stories recovering from wisdom tooth removal. Really! Don't ask me why the oral surgeons down play it, but it is very difficult! Glad you are feeling better and with time DD will recover, too!

12/21/08 @ 00:01
Comment from: Karen B. [Visitor]
I agree with Vicki. I worked at a dental office AND had my wisdom teeth removed and everyone had a more difficult time than the Dr.s or patients thought they would. I had a very painful 3-4 weeks recovering from my own surgery. I hope she starts to heal up very soon! Ask for more or stronger pain killers if she needs them. They really do help a lot and it's worth the "fuzzy" feeling for a week or so.
12/22/08 @ 13:54
Comment from: Maria Giovanna [Visitor]
Hi Suzanne, for DD I had to use hot wet pack after three day from the surgery of wisdom teeth to care of my swollen cheeks and of the big blue emathomas I had. In two days of hot packs my cheeks were becoming normal. I took also three days course of antibiotics and i don't regret it. I was told by the staff to use ice pack just two days or three and after warm pack.
Best wishes for all you!
Maria Giovanna
12/28/08 @ 04:54

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