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Comment from: Julie [Visitor] · http://www.diabetesdoneright.com
Suzanne, Excellent blog! Thanks so much for sharing with us. The coupon code website links are great! Happy Thanksgiving! Julie
11/25/08 @ 10:02
Comment from: Fleta [Visitor]
Wow, this is great...just used it.
Thank you!
11/25/08 @ 18:44
Comment from: OSuzanna [Visitor] Email
Hey, Suzanne and all! Google "online coupons" and even more sites will come up, AND you can search for specific stores, as well. Have a great Thanksgiving!
11/26/08 @ 12:33
Comment from: Serena [Visitor]
Do you shop online for convenience or price? I've never really shopped online because I have no interest in paying S&H. Seems like S&H just make things more expensive...

BTD supps are about the only thing I order online...
11/27/08 @ 15:20
Comment from: Suzanne [Member] Email
It's a little of both, but mostly price. Usually internet prices more than cancel out the s&h especially if I don't have to pay tax. When I can get a code for free shipping, then I really save money.
11/27/08 @ 22:22
Comment from: Ribbit [Visitor]
If they had coupons for Whole Foods I'd be a happy camper..... :)
12/03/08 @ 21:39
Comment from: Jen [Visitor] · http://www.couponworx.com
I like getting coupon codes at http://www.Couponworx.com. It's user friendly and always up to date with discounts and deals. Sometimes the online shopping part allows better research but sometimes I like to actually go into the stores to see the product I want to buy. :)
07/13/09 @ 02:16

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