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Comment from: Jane [Visitor]
There are non-invasive procedures already for colonoscopies but the problem is that if they find something, then you have to have a regular one.

Every doctor has their own prep. I have to have one every year. I always ask for the very least amount of anesthesia and pain meds and something for nausea in the the IV. It makes for a much easier recovery. Personally, I find that the cleanout procedure goes better for me if I have nothing but water and mineral water for the 24 hours prior to the procedure but I don't have any issues with blood sugar. My doctor allows any clear fluid or jello as long as it isn't red.
07/25/11 @ 14:33
Comment from: Kelly [Visitor] ·
Great ideas! Thankfully, my next colonoscopy won't be for another 5 yrs ... I was clean last month!

The first time I had this done, I had to complete the entire prep the evening before. This time they had me do most of it the night before and the rest in the morning which is so much easier!. My appt wasn't until 1pm which I much prefer! I have no problem just doing a water fast the day before and day of so the prep is much easier.

I feel silly after reading your post about cooked veggies and fruit. When I hit the days of no fresh veggies or fruit I figured all I could eat was meat, simply because I rarely eat my veggies cooked anymore. No grains, veggies or fruit was the hardest for me. So I resorted to my protein shake with added egg protein powder.

I loaded up on probiotics the day after too.
07/25/11 @ 15:26
Comment from: Kathleen [Visitor]
Thanks to your hints I sailed through my colonoscopy!! Everything was clear so my next one is in 8-10 years.

I very much appreciate you sharing this information.
07/27/11 @ 13:49

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