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Comment from: Ruth [Visitor]
I could see doing that with spelt flour, but no way would I touch wheat flour to compromised skin! I literally can't even touch wheat without getting systemic reactions- and I'd rather have blisters on my fingers than a fibro-flare that lasts for days or weeks.
05/30/11 @ 17:56
Comment from: Suzanne [Member] Email
I'm glad you wrote that Ruth. It's a good reminder that you have to know your own body. I remember reading something from Dr. D where he said Type O's shouldn't consume aloe vera, but it was fine to use it on their skin. Handling flour products doesn't bother me at all, it's what they do inside of me.
05/30/11 @ 19:23
Comment from: Lucy [Visitor]
I wouldn't take my medical advice from anecdotes on the Internet:

Here's some advice from the professionals:
06/06/11 @ 22:10
Comment from: Suzanne [Member] Email
Lucy, Snopes is a great website. Most shared e-mail is eventually discredited by Snopes, which is why I don't pass it on.

The problem is that I have tried everything the Snopes article and your first aid site recommend, and it does not work for me. I feel about cold water and ice for burns the same way I feel about certain herbal remedies - if they work for you, great, but they don't work for me.

I remembered the flour remedy and tried it. I was totally surprised when it worked. I will keep using it on small kitchen burns.

However - you make an excellent point. If I was dealing with a severe burn - going deep into the flesh or covering a large area, I would immerse it in ice water and call for an ambulance. I would not recommend putting flour on someone who had been pulled out of a burning building.
06/09/11 @ 10:39

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