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Comment from: accidental_chef [Visitor]
Suzanne, I would've had fun, relishing every bite and every moment :-)! I'd have however stripped the chicken off its breaded jacket. And...corn is now a black dot for Hunters ;-))))! I've memorised Dr D's definition on compliance and that makes me rest easy...

Enjoyed all your holiday blogs!
07/08/08 @ 03:19
Comment from: loraine [Member] Email
I'm with you Suzanne, a little of what you fancy is great on an occasional basis and if you comply and do the right things most of the time, you'll still be healthier than 99% of the population who blindly eat anything that's put in front of them ALL of the time ;-)

So pleased you had a great time and what a treat the chicken livers would be, I love them.

I feel that BTD/GTD gives us a sound basis for health and that a little leeway is a good thing ;-)
07/08/08 @ 06:40
Comment from: Paula 0+ hunter [Visitor]
I would have done exactly what you did, Suzanne. Besides, you eat so healthy all the time, a little splurge in that situation was so alright I bet. Did the corn bother you the next day? I usually don't digest it when I eat like that, but then I guess it's some fiber, right?
When I was staying with my folks, I was the cook but not the shopper. So after my dad's septoplasty, those of us at home didn't want to cook. We had Boston Market chickens and side dishes. I ate the sauteed veggies and some coleslaw (my avoid love).
I think it was ok! Anyway, sounds like a nice trip!
07/08/08 @ 10:47
Comment from: Lillie Smith [Visitor]
Hi Suzanne,
I would have done the same - must say if
it was pork or something similar - peanut
butter would have been my choice. My DD,
being vegetarian would have done as yours.
07/08/08 @ 10:58
Comment from: Rosey [Visitor]
I try to eat compliantly. Many avoids make me feel rotten, but some don't. I avoid the feel-bad ones completely because I want to be able to function. But if a one-off meal contains avoids that don't make me ill, then yes I would splurge - and enjoy it.

Having said that, I wouldn't be celebrating the birthplace of KFC. I'd be out in the car-park with your DD ;->
07/09/08 @ 03:31
Comment from: Ribbit [Visitor]
Good for you, Suzanne! I would have done the same thing, although eating chicken livers that aren't organic wouldn't float my boat. I would have eaten the deep fried chicken, enjoyed it to the max, and not regretted it at all! When you only do that every once in a long while, you can do it and be fine.
07/09/08 @ 21:46
Comment from: Jenny [Visitor] ·
Yes, live a little! I only buy the right stuff for myself, but if someone offers me something a little outside my perametres I accept it as being a gift of love (except when it is something that is seriously bad for me, and I can explain that to them easily). Most people understand and accept problems like allergy and constipation so if they are not in the mindset to hear about BTD & GTD they can still easily accept simpler explanations as to why I do not eat x or y. With regard to Kentucky, since it was a choice, I would have looked for salads, or failing that, peanut butter! But then I don't even eat chicken, whereas I think you do.
07/12/08 @ 19:27

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