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Comment from: Andrea AWwec [Visitor]
At the hospital where I work we have room service, patients call the cafeteria and order. People where wasting so much food that they decided to let people order when they wanted and what they wanted.

The patients love it and it has cut down on the waste.
12/02/08 @ 08:23
Comment from: Nan [Visitor]
Suzanne, your whole family is in our prayers. I can 'hear' the love in your posts about your parents, and hope and pray that 'they' find the correct antibiotic for him!

I too try to find the blessing in each day, and find that I am a better wife and mother because of it. Hang in there, and make sure your get enough rest too!
12/02/08 @ 20:05
Comment from: Lynn [Visitor]

Your family is in our thoughts.

12/03/08 @ 00:22
Comment from: Helen Combes [Visitor]
I feel for you Suzanne I loved your attitude re not working at present. I too have aged parents (Mother just been put back in hospital) and am glad I'm not working at the moment (after being forced to resign 2.5 months ago) in case I also get a call. They are blessed to have you available!! Take care
12/03/08 @ 01:18

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