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Comment from: Sante [Member]
The food items listed (five for each of the four bloodtypes, for each concern, e.g., "brain" and "energy") are rather [i]selections[/i] from larger, longer lists; they are, thus, [i]examples[/i] of efficient foods in these categories. The inference that being listed denotes "The Top 5" status is your personal guess, and the "overlap" phenomenon that so excites you can be coincidental. I wouldn't choose one of these items, "overlapping" or not - especially, as you say, if it's pricy - over something more effective.
As a B, I can tell you that there are unlisted foods (e.g., eggs and fishes) far more energizing than either watermelon or cranberries; in fact, fruit is not the most energy-building food-[b]group[/b] for me.
I suggest that marketing graphics do not determine one's most beneficial choices for energy- and brain-boosting foods. I consider them an eye-catching invitation to become acquainted with Dr. D'Adamo's work (and I hope novices will follow up!), rather than a purchasing/planning filter for an advanced follower of the BTD.
01/11/15 @ 00:23

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