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Comment from: LOUISE ELLIOTT [Visitor] Email · http://www.seagreens.com
I have recently taken over Seagreens Animal Health and was trying to find info re; correct dosage of iodine in animal's diets & came across your blogg. Please do look at our website for human products. Food capsules and iodine capsules should be taken on a continuous daily basis. There is also Culinary Ingredient which I use in many dishes to get some seaweed goodness into my family's diet.The Seaweed used is fresh Arctic Wrack, (not to be confused with other seaweeds) and contains the broadest and most nutrients in a balanced way to help the maintenance of our body's system. I hope you find this interesting. Regards. Louise.
01/28/09 @ 05:33
Comment from: Jenny [Visitor] Email
If you haven't tried a kind of seaweed called dulse, give it a taste. It's a deep red in color and is deliciously salty; I put it in flaked form on my popcorn and it's quite yummy! You can get it at health food stores.
05/23/09 @ 20:16

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