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Comment from: Andrea [Visitor]
Really enjoyed your blog this week.
If I could rename it I would call it Balance.
04/21/08 @ 05:50
Comment from: D. Tsakiridis [Visitor]
I guess this illustrates the combination priciple. We all know that certain drugs can't be mixed & even certain supplements. I guess this applies to foods. I'm starting to see that. It sounds confusing, but once you get on a certain diet, it starts to fall into place in a few months. There surely are other factors, like climate & exercise. It is finally warming up here & I am feeling better.
Mrs T
04/22/08 @ 08:01
Comment from: Myrna [Visitor] Email · http://healthybodynyc.com
Ditto, relevant post. There sometimes are no definitive answers. I had the same question about apples, tomotoes and celery which were benefiicial for AB secretor but avoid for teacher on GTD.

I snuck one tomato into a big 2 day salad. Hey, you can't take me off tomatoes that quickly.

An avocado has always been a big avoid on the BTD for AB's. On the GTD, it is beneficial. I think I'll leave avocados to others.

I'm trying an experiment to lose 10 lbs in 5 weeks. I lost 3 already. Now to lose the fat along with the lbs will have to make sure I'm doing wt bearing exercises at the same time :)
04/22/08 @ 12:18

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