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Comment from: Possum [Visitor]
I like how you put tht: "What we have done in our culture is take the exceptional foods that should be rare and over eat them. Sodas, fried chips, cake, cookies, ice cream, crackers, and candy have become daily necessities. At the same time, the staple beneficial foods like vegetables, which ought to be eaten daily, have become snubbed by the culture and eaten rarely."

Over here in NZ with childhood obesity & diabeties way high - they've just started banning ads for high fat/sugar foods in children's TV time slots and a campaign with the slogan/saying "cookies are a sometimes food" I think that may even be the cookie monster's new saying??!!

Hope your Dad's hanging in there...?
12/06/08 @ 00:35
Comment from: carnivsrus [Visitor]
Someone I really respect once gave me his mantra used with his young ones on the subject of sweets. "It tastes good but it's not so good for you." Another friend commented on the simple pleasure that sugary things present to children and how of all the things in life surely this is one that can be indulged in if only for the joy it seems to evoke and his memories as a child of denial and bribery etc. I'm trying to get around the issue with my own young ones. We indulge,but we stress food vs treats/deserts. We talk about the different types of "food and how these work with our bodies to help us grow well. So far so good! Ages 8 and 3.
12/06/08 @ 04:01
Comment from: DD [Visitor]
"Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened calf with hatred."
-Proverbs 15:17

I must say that I agree wholeheartedly.
12/06/08 @ 08:22

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