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Comment from: Janet [Visitor]
For what it's worth; I had a similar problem with hemorrhoids and found that horse chestnut tincture quickly worked wonders.
03/30/09 @ 22:48
Comment from: DD [Visitor]
I do the same thing with my vitamins and supplements. I tried your new way, eating them 1 at a time with breakfast, this morning. It does make them go down easier. Thanks for the tip MM.
03/31/09 @ 09:40
Comment from: Elzabeth Rillver [Visitor]
Another possibility for making multiple supplements palatable is to use unsweetened applesauce. Depending on the size of the caps/tabs, one can take several at a time with a spoonfull of sauce.

Not only does this strategy assist in downing the caps (of all sizes) it overcomes my tendency to choke when taking supplements with just water. For anyone who might be interested in background, nursing staff used applesauce to help patients swallow their meds in
the nursing center where I was employed.

Another point in favor is that one can enjoy the meal and then take the supplements.

First heard of the BTD in Dr. A's interviews on a station out of Seattle in the 90's. I was fortunate in that I knew my blood type from a blood donation in the 1950's. My experience in attempting to
share with others is that many folks do not know their type so that gap becomes an impediment. I am an O Secretor who never had a weight problem but was a candidate for other O tendencies (family history).By making a commitment to follow the BTD early on, I believe I spared myself and am thankful to be pain-free at 75. All of the foregoing is to encourage others to give serious consideration to following their own BTD. Best wishes. ER
04/02/09 @ 00:01
Comment from: Suzanna [Visitor]
I would suggest Claire Week's work for stress. It is the only natural program I know that banishes anxiety - no drugs, no supplements - just behavioural. It reduces stress tremendously.
Like Dr D'Adamo, I think she was a genius of her time. "Hope and Help for your nerves" In addition to diet, this will knock it on the head
04/03/09 @ 16:11

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