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Comment from: Mrs T O+ (member) [Visitor]
You are so much like me in your pattern, altho the other Os in my family (sis & dad) liked to eat the big meal in the evening & more like 7pm.

I need a huge meal around noon & can eat less at night. I bet a lot of folks are afraid to eat too much at noon & fear they will eat even more at night, but if you eat enough, you may be surprised.
Yeah, Os are the gourmands, but if we do it in the morning, we keep going!!
"We are fearfully & wonderfully made," says the Bible verse. BTD proves that again! We are so unique!
03/07/09 @ 18:54
Comment from: Carnivore [Visitor]
I guess I'm a hybrid- during the week, when I'm at work, I need most of my food in the morning, but on the weekends, I can easily go until afternoon before eating. It's fascinating to read about the different patterns and how they work.
03/10/09 @ 13:28

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