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Comment from: Jean B [Visitor]
Hi Suzanne, I feel for you, I have a very slim son who tends to be a non eater and heavy exerciser. He is starting to eat more, but I know food is not one of his passions.

Please read the Diet Cure by Julia Ross and her follow up book, The Mood Cure. She talks about how brain chemistry affects anorexia and how blood type as well as proper amino acids can change the brain chemistry.
10/23/08 @ 20:44
Comment from: Joe [Visitor]
Some of this may not be 100% accurate as I am an AB Warrior. I don't eat any meat, however, only fish, eggs, dairy and plant stuffs (veggies, nuts, and a bit of fruit)...

Your DD and HH may not be eating adequate levels of protein...

I kept losing muscle until I started supplementing with Amino Acids. I have shifted some of the foods to get more beneficial dairy and eggs.

It is also possible that they need to increase portion sizes a bit to gain adequate calorie input...

I feel like I need to continuously eat when I eat avoids. It seems to create a feeling of need. When I stay compliant, I feel satisfied more easily...

I hope this helps...
10/23/08 @ 21:20
Comment from: mariellen rose [Visitor]
I attended Overeaters Anonymous for many years and I was involved in started a spin off group for anorexia and bulimia. I had bulimia for many years. Working the 12 Steps helped those of us who where there know that we were powerless to change our eating patterns with out the help of God. I suggest she try to find a group of girls and guys who also have problems with food, either over eating or an eating disorder. This really can work with Dr. D's plans for our diets. Good luck.
10/23/08 @ 21:49
Comment from: Lynn [Visitor] Email
Add homemade ghee (great care-box item, doesn't need refrigeration). Add ghee to everything as desired! French toast, scrambled eggs, omlettes can all be made in the dorm room? Add one can of chunk-lite tuna a week or several cans of salmon a week.

The portions and frequencies are guidelines.

Check out different types of exercising to see if one "fits" better than others. For instance, pilates, yoga or t'ai chi. These exercise types require a tremendous amount of concentration which works well for Type A blood type.

Try an Google search for: dorm room cooking guidelines - the top hit has a lot of good info!

All the best to you! Dropping stress levels is crucial.
10/23/08 @ 22:41
Comment from: Helen [Visitor]
I am also an AWarrior and totally agree about the stress levels.

I'm 5'1", and, at 28, a competitive multi-sport athlete, so I swim-train an hour 4 times a week and run at least 20 to 30 minutes a day, more at weekends.

My weight normally stabilises at 49 or 50kg (around 110lbs) ... except when I am stressed, at which point it plummets to below 47kg (around 98lbs), and even though I feel I am constantly eating, I start to look like a walking skeleton, so I can totally empathise with DD.

The biggest change I have made to combat this (successfully) is to take up 2 classes a week, one in pure T'ai Chi and the other in a mix of Yoga, Pilates and T'ai Chi called Body Balance, and commit to them completely - I go every week, no excuses.

These have helped me reduce my stress levels and, almost like a switch, the weight started to come back on. In a matter of a month I had 2.5kgs (5-6lbs) back and it's re-established at the 49-50kg that appears to be my BTD "ideal" and works well for me in my lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, it fluctuates, but not the same extreme.

Hope this helps, and very best wishes to DD.
10/24/08 @ 08:36
Comment from: Susana [Visitor]
Sorry to read about this little bump on your daughters road. I hope she solves it soon.

I would recommend loggin foods she eats. This site provides a wonderful format and the information can also be available to you so you can help her out.

Many times we think we are eating too much or too little but when we take a look at a report... we often find surprises.

I know of an AB who also has issues with weight loss and has to increase the grains to maintain.

Best wishes,
10/24/08 @ 18:20
Comment from: DD [Visitor]
Thank you so much for the concern and interest in my situation. As far as protein goes, I have bumped up my meat and egg proteins considerably. I am adding more olive oil to my food (I will have to try the ghee - I always thought that it had to be refrigerated). I am also drinking 2 protein shakes a day, and lifting weights to try and gain lean muscle. The Lord is really dealing with me on the mental and "self-image" part of this whole thing. The main thing I need to know is what are the best HEALTHY (I won't eat sweets or salty snacks)foods that I can add to my diet that will help add calories without adding "fatty weight."
10/25/08 @ 11:29
Comment from: Devora [Visitor]
I had anorexia when I was 14, and fell back into it a bit in college, at 19. I would dare say that the seeds of anorexia will never leave me, so matter how old or far from anorexia I get. I still watch my weight, but I am in the healthy lower-normal range at 41 years old.

Anorexia is a bug I know well. Know that in order to get out of this pit your daughter will have to eat WELL ABOVE the recommended diet. I pulled myself out of anorexia twice without any intervention, and it required a fundamental change in attitude to break out of. (It will take time to fully break out, a full year or two to recover fully.) One, you have to admit that you will kill yourself if you carry on, and that you want to chose to live. Secondly, you have to break out of the mentality that weighing less means success and gaining weight means failure. As much as your daughter says she wants to gain weight, she doesn't really, truly want to gain weight. It is very hard to let go. She has to decide to force herself to eat more than she wants to, more than she needs, more than an average person needs. The body gets into a downward spirial of depravation, and you need a lot of food to change the direction.

Please contact me if your daughter is interested in speaking with me or anking me questions. I would be happy to help if I can.
10/29/08 @ 06:41
Comment from: m [Visitor] Email
To me it seems as though self esteem is the main issue.
You must find a way to be positive and thankful for your health more than anything.
Young, healthy, the whole world at your feet.
Do things you love.
Live your dreams.
Find fun things to do and positive people to surround you, know you are loved and love yourself.
Find what maks you happiest more than anything. Life is way to short to stress about body image and food, enjoy it as much as possible as there are poor people all over the world who do not have a choice of even eating.
Remember how lucky you really are in havnig a loving and caring healthy family.
10/29/08 @ 23:36

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