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Comment from: cindy [Visitor]
I am blood type O , does anyone have any good cookie recipes for me .. thanks


I was going to give you the link to the Recipe Database on the BTD website and tell you how easy it was to use...but LOL it isn't working today. Hopefully someone will get it fixed soon. In the meantime here is the link


Click the O (for Type O) and scroll down to desserts.

I would also suggest posting your question on the Forum.
12/17/12 @ 21:47
Comment from: DD [Visitor]
I have found the same thing.

People love to marvel at the way I eat - wish they could be more healthy - even say that they probably should not eat as many sugary treats... UNTIL it is time for lunch - and they they eat jello salad, a little bit of their turkey sandwich (which is actually the healthy option on the plate), and top it off with a HUGE slice of coconut cream pie. And then they complain that they ate too much and wish they had just gotten a salad... UNTIL it is time for dinner, and they do the same thing again : )

I am glad that you did find some yummy and healthy cookies!
12/22/12 @ 10:49

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