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Comment from: Chanur [Visitor]
At least until you can figure out something that is acceptable to both of you how about a bit of a compromise?

Use brown rice pasta since you already know that he likes pasta and rice. If you can't get it where you live it's available online from several different places. One is www.azurestandard and another one is (alternate site adddress is Their phone number is 1-888-323-2388.

For a quick 'n' easy cheese sauce for him try the one in the ER4YT cookbook on page 320 called Soy Cheese Sauce.

Pour the sauce over steamed broccoli for him. Gently stir it into the cooked rice pasta for Mac'n'Cheese. Slather it on buns with turkey ham for hot cheddar 'n' ham sandwiches. Cover the cooked brown rice pasta with the soy cheese sauce and add in a bit of steamed bite-sized veggies that he likes for a Mac 'n' Cheese with Veggies casserole.

If you are an O that can handle soy than you should be able to have all of those as well.

As for the catfish, can you get monkfish? That might work for him more than the cod if you can get it where you live. As far as I can remember, O's can have monkfish, too.
09/04/08 @ 19:10
Comment from: Joe [Visitor]
My mom has the same problem with my dad with trying to start the diet... He (AB) has a history of strokes, but doesn't want to give up his meats and corn. I hope you are able to come to a compromise that isn't too bad for him.
09/05/08 @ 15:34
Comment from: deborah [Member] Email
Oh Suzanna, I so feel for you. My ex-husband wanted the same type of dishes you are describing. In fact, after we split, his obese mother started cooking for him again.

Suzanne, it's time to rewrite expectations.

As part of the empty nest, certain things will change. Who cooks for who? How can you ask a nurse to distribute disease to her patients? This is what he is asking you to do. Correction, this is what it feels like to you and feelings matter.

Tell him that you are happy to help him with meals (grocery store shopping, organizing recipes, etc.) But cooking old fashioned meals is like giving a teenager whiskey. It is just too hard for you.

Ask him, how can both of you rewrite the the chore list. Maybe you both need to cook in the kitchen at the same time, side by side.

I always wanted a husband who would cook with me- each designed what they felt like (after all, the body craves what it needs - maybe what you need nutritionally is much different based on your exercise for the day).

Yes, ask him to cook with you. Grocery shop with you. He's got to be in control of his food, but you have to feel good about what you are serving......

Good luck.
09/07/08 @ 07:46

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