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Comment from: Melissa [Member] Email
I have lots of casserole and soup recipes in my blog and husband loves casseroles too. The Lemon Turkey is a popular one. Risotto is another good option, in RecipeBase I have a Thanksgiving Risotto recipe, but there are millions of variations on the risotto theme.

There's a tofu cheese that my son loves (and so do I, admittedly): Follow Your Heart Monterey Jack. It has an avoid or two down the list (for As, more avoids for Os), but compared to everything else on the market, it's pretty clean, and yummy. The mac and cheese doesn't quite look the same but it tastes as good or better than the original cheddar version. Using Tinkyada pasta opens up a lot of pasta options. I make a lot of cream sauces for rice and pasta with sweet rice flour, it works just like wheat flour, and the results are great. (If it gets lumpy, don't give up, just keep stirring and adding liquid and it will smooth out, unlike wheat cream sauce which stays lumpy)

I think you can have both, healthy food, and tasty casseroles.
09/08/08 @ 22:05
Comment from: Tessa [Visitor]
Your blog really resonated with me today. My family and I (especially my husband)have gone thru some of the same experiences with changing diets and foods in the last seven years that I have tried to incorporate the BTD and now the GTD. I am an A and have been able to adjust better than my A husband who prefers to eat like an O. We have also experienced some of the same food standoffs and frustrations like you and your husband. I think your idea is a good one. Brown rice and brown rice pasta has helped a lot in our meals.

Thanks for sharing this aspect of your life. It has given me some new insight and I am glad to know someone else shares the same dilemas I do!
09/11/08 @ 10:24

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