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Comment from: Sante [Member]
Hi Suzanne:
On 5 December, I posted a blog called "On Dietary Asceticism: A Life-or-Death Proposition". In it is a little story about a family's "relaxing the rules" one Thanksgiving and how that changed their lives for the better. Consider the story a Christmas gift from me to you. Thanks for your blog. Very well said!
12/10/10 @ 14:01
Comment from: Karen B. [Visitor]
Nice post, Suzanne. I relaxed the rules for Thanksgiving for too many days and it took me two weeks to get my digestion working properly again. I'm not sure I'm willing to relax for Christmas but you never know! I love your idea, parties are a good time to let it go a little bit. We always go to a New Years Day party so maybe I'll wait for then.
Merry Christmas!
12/10/10 @ 18:39
Comment from: Salinda Howell [Visitor] Email · http://www.howwellu.com
Great post, Suzanne. I have struggled with emotional eating for most of my adult life. Because I am just returning to BTD after 10 years of poisoning mysefl, I have to be careful, but I also have to recognize what's an enjoyment and what is an emotional binge. Thanks for the table :)
12/11/10 @ 10:25

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