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Comment from: Maria Giovanna [Visitor]
Hi Susanne, I used to hide some tofu for my mother in smoothies with fresh fruit and juices so this is too an idea for picky As or who dislike tofu. I use it stir fried with mushrooms, or artichokes, carrots or red beets with parsley, garlic or curry and herb salt and like it, but these veggies agree with tofu better than others IMHO
Maria Giovanna
01/30/09 @ 17:53
Comment from: Vicki [Visitor]

Maybe you could compare homemade alfredo sauce recipes with vegan recipes and come up with a genotype compliant one (so you can include the parmesan). One of the top hits when I googled on: vegan alfredo sauce looks like it would be helpful on such an endeavor!
01/31/09 @ 00:15

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