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Comment from: sheri granberry [Visitor] Email
I really LOVED this entry... it reminds me that when in doubt, just go with the tried and true BTD....
I know I have struggled one or two times wondering if I am really following the correct genotype... I initially measured myself as a Gatherer, but never felt "right".. so we remeasured and followed the YouTube video on measuring, and it turns out I am a Hunter... I feel MUCH more comfortable in the Hunter diet.... so I guess that's what I am! But I am short, which doesn't fit the Hunter profile.... so when in doubt.. I just eat for an O...
05/19/09 @ 08:35
Comment from: meribelle [Visitor]
Thanks for the blog. I feel that the BTD was first and must be the best. It is the one I have decided to follow. Carry on, DD.
05/24/09 @ 16:24

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