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Comment from: DD [Visitor]
Well MM, if you don't eat them - I will : )
09/13/09 @ 09:11
Comment from: Tamara (B-secretor) [Visitor] Email
I never liked the grittiness of pears, but often desired the flavor. One day my mom and I were at Whole Foods and asked a produce member what type of pear he would recommend for someone who didn't like a gritty texture. He recommended the Comice pear and offered to let us sample one. It was pure heaven, tender and juicy. Comice pears immediately became our favorite. In fact, the flesh is so tender, my mom could eat them without pureeing them. Maybe your mom could enjoy such a treat. I appreciate you bringing up the topic, because it has given me a great idea of something to do for my mom who also has to have everything pureed.

I understand what you said about the cost of the pear you found. Some of the best ones are quite expensive. Alas, Comice pears are near the top. I Googled "Comice Pears" and found a place that sells semi-dwarf plants for only $29.99. Maybe growing our own could be an answer.

A totally different textured pear, on the line of the apple pear you talked about, is the Seckel pear. They're great, too.

Here's a site I found that talks about American grown pears:

Well, I hope this info helps you enjoy your new found delights.


09/13/09 @ 23:11
Comment from: Paula 0+explorer [Visitor]
I also don't usually pick up pears, I prefer a Granny Smith Apple...but pears are pretty good in tarts, I'd say better than the more common apple tart. Makes me want to bake a compliant one. Hope your Mom is having a good recovery, so good that you are there with her!
09/15/09 @ 00:48
Comment from: Michele [Visitor]
I love pears... they are really good for hunters and type o's.

How are you doing?

09/27/09 @ 22:35

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