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Comment from: Judith L Robertson [Visitor]

My mother-in-law lived with us for many years. One night my husband woke me because his mother was a little strange [just a few hours earlier I had chatted with her before I went to bed and she was lucid and perfectly fine]. When I spoke with her, she seemed fine except she didn't know who I was and thought my father-in-law was still alive. Long story short, it was a UTI. I was told this was a common symptom for a UTI in the very elderly. The part of this that was scary to me was that she sounded very rational. It was only because we knew her life story that we could realize the part not making sense. Later, a close family friend Sister Mary-Ann told us to watch out for signs of agitation or nervousness. She was right. I can remember Terry nervously pulling tissues out of the box and her eyes nervously darting about. I hope this helps. This advice enabled me to catch the UTIs early.

07/19/08 @ 07:59

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