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Comment from: Andrea BT A [Visitor]
Thanks Suzanne. I recently started giving BTD classes at my church. We have over 600 members. I have two men in my class.
One of the men Jack (name changed) is older and has been struggling with some health issues. I know that he is in my class for a reason and it is not about me.
05/28/08 @ 08:18
Comment from: Nan Resch [Visitor]
Once again, your blog was thought provoking. Words to live by. Thank you.
05/28/08 @ 10:14
Comment from: drive55 [Visitor]
Those are wonderful points, thank you for sharing!
05/28/08 @ 20:43
Comment from: Michelle r. Taylor [Visitor] · http://www.footprints5.bravehost.com
I absolutely loved your input about your preachers sermon, I really never thought about the 6th commandment in that kind of light before, really makes one stop and think about what we put ourselves through needlessly at times without thinking about it(stress, anger,overeating and eating the wrong foods,ie: those with the chemicals,additives,preservatives,etc,etc. that we put in our mouths.) We need to be more aware of our diets and take better care of our health else we fall into the trap of sickness and ill health. If we all would heed the advice of the pastor, we would definitely be better off physically and spiritually. Since our bodies are the temple of the divine, shouldn't we be more respectful of what God has given to us and treat it thus so?
05/30/08 @ 22:43

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