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Comment from: geminisue [Visitor]
I was touched by your ability to blog at this time. Thank You for it.

I will pray for your Mom's quick recovery.

you do not need to answer this.

09/05/09 @ 15:10
Comment from: Tomatilla I. [Visitor]
oops sorry to hear that about your mums circumstances; seems that she has a neurologic disorder... :-/...
I've supstituted my clients with a lot of aminoacids, B-vits., Mg. and other orthomolecular stuffs; helped out for a certain time...dito very important fatty acids as well....but all given by little
teaspoons; at last I was forced to give it by a sonde....
all the best to you and your mum :-)
greetings from Switzerland....
09/06/09 @ 09:45
Comment from: Ruth [Visitor]
I'm so sorry you're going through this right now.

I'm also in a similar situation, though not nearly as extreme. My father has a heart condition and has been hospitalized numerous times in the past few months. I'm not sure if it's from his heart condition directly, a side effect of one of his medications, or a combination of the two, but he doesn't have much appetite. It KILLS me to see him eating packaged foods with MSG and Ensure with corn syrup, or bread with BHA added, etc, but he needs the calories to function.

I often do my parents' shopping for them, and now, after reading this blog entry, I feel a little less guilty about buying all this "unhealthy" food for him.

Thank you for that.
09/06/09 @ 15:12
Comment from: Jane [Visitor]
So sorry to hear about your mother. My mother has Alzheimer's and is in a special unit at an Assisted Living. I feel exactly as you do. I don't like a lot of the food there but just getting her to eat is the issue. My mother loves her sweets and they seem to perk her up. It's difficult for her to walk but she walks up and down the hallway with her walker. I don't obsess about her diet but just treasure those few days when she's alert enough to communicate.
Wishing you the best.
09/07/09 @ 11:36
Comment from: Charlott [Visitor] ·
I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. We will be holding both your mom, and you up in prayer.
09/07/09 @ 15:19
Comment from: Eric [Visitor] ·
Great blog, and very true! I remember for a couple of days I didn't have any food or money, and I was starving. The only thing I could eat was my roommate's instant oatmeal, which I devoured for caloric sake. I didn't feel so hot afterward, but it kept me going until I could buy groceries!
09/07/09 @ 23:59
Comment from: Tamara (B-secretor) [Visitor] Email
That is very well put and a good lesson to learn for anyone in our position.

My mom was recently forced into a nursing home by family members and a guardian they got appointed.

Prior to her placement in the nursing home, I had taken care of her for five years. I had gotten my husband's help to purchase and cook organic, Blood type appropriate food, and then puree it to a good consistency. She ate heartily and really improved her health. When she was put in the nursing home, I tried to get them to construct her meal by selecting the Blood Type appropriate items which were available. I explained that she was "allergic". They did it for a while and my mom at least would eat, but that didn't last for long. A few of the staff didn't like the extra work and seized on an opportunity to complain when one day, they only had chicken, corn and potatoes to choose from; all offenders for a B-non secretor. They got the Guardian to confront me as to whether a DOCTOR had actually done an allergy test on my mom. It was frustrating. I know absolutely, that the Blood type diet has helped my mom over the last five years, but there was no way to "prove" it to them. My mom wouldn't eat what they gave her at first. It was sort of your description of a starvation situation. She held out for a while, but I had to convince her that she needed food to get her strength up. It was hard to do, but I had too.

I look around at all the residents and wish there was a way to get the medical community to realize what the Blood Type diet could do for these dear people.

I've talked to a nurse and a few of the staff about the Blood Type diet for themselves. They seemed to be receptive, but I don't know that they have translated it to something that would really help their residents. It's just to far from their reality.

Wouldn't that be a great nursing home though. One that really rehabilitates. Combine great nutrition through the Blood Type diet with Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment to actually heal the damage from stroke, Alzheimer's, diabetes, ... It would be great and something that would really turn around health care/nursing care in our country. I believe it can happen, so I will do what I can to spread the word.


09/09/09 @ 02:52
Comment from: Lynn [Visitor]
Sorry to hear about your mother, caring for others can be difficult emotional wise and I have a need to gain weight as let caring for others wear me down(They eat fine). A pocket blender can be useful, added a small chucnk of cooked beet and it thickened up , also the powdered probiotic I had, and I ate ice cream, made home made soups and blendered some. Whey and honey to get me quickly added weight. Have wondered if the CoQ10 added 6 months ago was reducing my weight( and my mothers) Be well Lynn
09/09/09 @ 11:27

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