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Comment from: Becky [Visitor]
Great blog, Suzanne!

A hearty, "Amen" to everything you wrote.

In spite of this distressing turn of events, with God's help we must soldier on, remember who we are, take responsibility for ourselves, and help others as we can.
06/30/12 @ 07:23
Comment from: cajun [Visitor]
You have made some very good points and I so agree with you! I am 60, started BTD around 2003, and know it is never too late to begin this amazing way to eat!
07/01/12 @ 00:41
Comment from: Tom M [Member] Email
The Supreme Court really didn't say it was or was not Constitutional if you read the ruling. They just kicked the can down the road. We citizens need to vote to get rid of anyone who voted for obamacare and put pressure on those elected officials to get rid of the justices who were too chicken to rule for the people of the UNITED States.
07/01/12 @ 23:48

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