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Comment from: Lloyd [Visitor]
Instead of editing out all your no-grain comments, how about adding in an italicized note instead on those blogs that you no longer belive that grain free is correect and link this blog?

Good idea, Lloyd! I'll do it.
12/03/11 @ 18:57
Comment from: Dianne [Visitor]
Excellent article! I hope the type O's take this to heart.
12/04/11 @ 10:39
Comment from: Karen B. [Visitor]
Maybe don't be so quick to go back and edit old blogs.
How thoroughly has this been researched? I was reading (just real quickly after reading your blog) that other types of foods are high in phytates such as carrots, nuts and seeds, strawberries, blackberries, figs, artichokes, broccoli and potatoes. Also, I read that for humans it is unlikely that we an extract the phytates from grain effectively (it's more of a cow thing).
Since I haven't found a grain that I can digest without pain and bloating I'll stay away from them.

Hi Karen,
You have to listen to your own body. I have no problem with that. Certainly eating should not be a painful process!

The point of the blog is that Dr. D never said Type O was grain free. Others promoted that extreme view. In his very quiet way he just posts research that points back to the basics.
12/05/11 @ 15:04
Comment from: Paula 0+ explorer [Visitor]
Hi Suzanne,
I have tried grain free in the past, but always find that I feel better or more regular when I include some beneficial grains. My favorite is quinoa, but rice is also
great. It really does allow for more variety in meal planning too.
My mom, who does not follow the diet, recently had surgery for lower colon cancer. She had just turned 80, then had surgery the next day. It saddened me but also gave me a renewed interest in following the anti cancer book. Your blog made me think of why grains can be good! Thanks for another great post!
12/09/11 @ 12:24
Comment from: Yvonne Buerkle [Visitor]
Hi Suzanne, check out broccoli seeds for sprouting. They will boost your anti cancer protocol!

They should work for anyone who doesn't do well on grains : )

01/19/12 @ 14:55
Comment from: Marcella [Visitor]
I too, would suffer from bloating and sometimes pain when eating many grains. I am still experimenting myself, but before swearing off of grains, my recent reading has suggested soaking grains (discard water)for about an hour prior to cooking. And also to CHEW THOROUGHLY, especially with grains and other fibrous foods as this aids digestion and gives the body access to nutrients that would not have been available with less thorough chewing

Hi Marcella,
It's now been 4 months since I wrote that blog. I have been doing fine on one and a half servings of Type O neutral grains. If soaking or chewing grains that are good for your type helps you, that is wonderful. I just want to clarify for those who might be new to the BTD that soaking or chewing an avoid grain, will not change it into something other than an avoid.
04/14/12 @ 09:01

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