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Comment from: DD [Visitor]
Good thoughts.
As a poor newly wed couple : ) I admit that we only have about 2 weeks of food ourselves - and produce goes pretty fast in our house. We have lots of frozen meat, but we should stock up on more canned goods.

Thanks for this tip MM!
03/08/13 @ 11:57
Comment from: Yvonneb [Visitor]
Oh, I have been there and done that for the Y2K! I thought, if transport brakes down I'd be without a lot of things that one can't just buy at the corner shop or borrow from a neighbor. I ate a lot more carbs then than I do now, so I was careful to make my stores rodent safe as well. Nowadays I am not so afraid to be without carbs and my focus has shifted to being able to grow things in my garden. So far, the slugs and birds have gotten most of my harvest, but I am learning. Even if nothing changed economically, I'll still have fresh, organic produce- win/win situatation all round :)PS: doesn't stop me having canned beans, fruit & veg just in case :D
03/11/13 @ 14:11
Comment from: Linda Rendely [Visitor] Email
You are not alone others have the same worry. I need to make an effort in this area, because as you say we should have a food store for natural disasters anyway, so why not have a larger store for a more longer term disaster. Especially a store of good wholesome non-perishables. Smart idea.
03/19/13 @ 08:58

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