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Comment from: Paula 0+ explorer [Visitor]
I also, just a btder, but I have thyroid issues. I have consistently read that hypothyroidism also causes high cholesterol, not sure how. I am just putting this out there as I have been reading/listening to info about iodine deficiency. I wonder if there isn't more of a connection here. I would keep taking kelp/bladderwrack in this case. Weird thing is that my cholesterol has been very low for a while now, although it's time to get tested....almost too low...it's strange.
09/24/09 @ 14:14
Comment from: Square Peg Guy [Visitor] · http://square--peg.blogspot.com/
Thanks for taking time to post that!

I just had a normal EKG, which takes place annually. I'm never short of breath, although I do experience fatigue.

I'm not sure what kind of test can determine whether there's buildup in arteries. I wonder if it's similar to the ultrasound test that's used to diagnose DVT?

09/24/09 @ 22:02

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