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Comment from: Peppermint Twist [Visitor]
Suzanne, where are you getting that quote from? You do not provide a source. I don't find that quote by him anywhere and I think, as usual, the right-wing smear haters (not you, but those who have put this disinfo out for you to find) are attributing things to Al Gore that he NEVER SAID. What he DID say is that we need to move away from "industrial farming", i.e., factory farming. Here's an article on what he said: http://www.cattlenetwork.com/cattle-news/Commentary-Al-Gores-big-gaffe-128689983.html?ref=983

I agree with you that meat is NOT the problem, it is indeed factory farming practices that are not green/sustainable, not ethical and totally stoooooo-PIT with a capital PIT! Grassfed beef is just as sustainable and green as growing veggies. What we need is ORGANIC FARMING. I think we're simpatico. I think Al Gore is, too. It is unfortunate that he lumps our "meat-intensive" diet into his criticism of factory farming, as many do, because ALL factory farming is the aforementioned stooooo-pit and unsustainable, not just that involving animals. When you put animals into the mix, though, it becomes infinitely more UNETHICAL and CRUEL, too. I think Al Gore is talking about moving away from industrial farming, NOT forcing everyone to be a veggie. I can't find any quote like that. If he said that, I'd have to set him straight and I'm a HUGE aficionado of his.
08/31/11 @ 10:33
Comment from: Suzanne [Member] Email
Hi Peppermint Twist,
I don't read political blogs. I got this off the google news feed from International Business Times.


I like grassfed and organic when it is on sale. But it is not practical for my budget in this economy.
08/31/11 @ 13:51

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