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Comment from: Ruth [Member] Email
It isn't just about the BMI. We're all built differently. Some people can be at the upper end of "normal BMI" but still be carrying around extra fat that they'd be healthier losing. Other people, like myself, would still be just over the line into the "overweight" category, even at my healthy goal weight- if I actually got my BMI down into the "healthy weight" category, I'd be underweight.

Many of us can't simply lose weight by "eating less." Our bodies are far more complex than that.

Yes, I'm sure I could cut my calories in half and not die. But I don't think I could severely cut back on calories without it adversly affecting my health, energy levels, or mental stability. And it won't help any of the starving families in Africa or elsewhere in the world if I starved myself.
03/29/12 @ 18:55

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