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Comment from: CJ [Visitor]
You bring up a very interesting point. However, people who have elevated total cholesterol, and elevated homocysteine levels generally have a weakness in the MTHFR gene that clears homocysteine from the blood.This a genetic defect of an enzyme that metabolizes folate. Many people with this type of genetic profile have an increased need for B vitamins, particularly B12, B6, and Folic Acid.

As far as his blood sugar and cortisol levels are concerned, he may have a diet that does not meet his needs or he simply may not get enough shut eye. Either or both of these can cause high blood sugar or high cortisol.

Perhaps this individual is eating close to his or her blood type or perhaps not. But even if they are eating for thier blood type or genotype our genes have the final say in how they are going to be expressed. And sometimes our diets may or may not always be able to silence the genetic noise.
07/18/12 @ 18:37
Comment from: yvonne [Visitor]
I have been eating Er4yt, then Lr4yt, then GTD and now SWAMI. I have bloodwork done every 6-8 weeks including ESR and c-reactive protein and never ever in the last 14 years, even in a flare up did my bloods show anything but perfect results :) Haven't gotten Cholesterol checked or Homocysteine- that would really be interesting! Mind you, I wouldn't hold my breath on those results- I would expect them to be perfect too :D
07/19/12 @ 17:41

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