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Comment from: Donna [Visitor]
Have your diabetic friends had iron panels done? Dr. D doesn't know everything. For male friends who refuse to think about changing their diet, finding that they have high serum iron could not only save their lives, but also would allow the macho treatment of bloodletting. Look up, "hemochromatosis, the missed diagnosis" by Paul Cutler, and send it to them.
04/18/08 @ 15:08
Comment from: Edwina [Visitor]
It is too bad that bad things have to happen sometimes to wake people up! I am so glad, though, that your DH responded to it in a positive way. This will make things so much better for you too! I'm happy for you.
04/18/08 @ 15:14
Comment from: Vicki [Visitor]
If your HH does have high iron levels, donating blood once a year is helpful. If he is unable to donate blood, the doctor can order blood to be drawn and disposed to drop iron levels.

I see his conditions as very related though. Cholesterol lowering medications severely deplete CoQ10 levels. Dr. D'Adamo has suggested that every time a doctor write a prescription for cholesterol lowering medications, the doctor should also write a prescription for CoQ10 supplementation. There is a new type of CoQ10 that is highly absorbable, as most types are not. Unfortunately, it has preservatives such as Polysorbate 80 and the like.

Check Pubmed for studies on the above.
04/19/08 @ 08:51

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