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Comment from: paula O+ [Visitor]
I am at my aging parents home in NJ right now. Having some difficulty in missing my own family and serving here. Many demands on the part of my dad. I am lamenting that I have little money and need to eat what they (brothers) have purchased. At first I thought it's hopeless. But after reading your blog tonight, I feel encouraged. I can eat, but not to feeling stuffed. I can eat what they have and be thankful to the Father. Maybe some of the negative consequences of poor choices made for me will be diminished.
(Like Weigh Down, if you know about that diet). It will be ok. It's only for 2 more weeks. I don't have much money or the kinds of food I enjoy, but it will be ok for now. Something you said gave me hope. Thanks!
06/15/08 @ 21:05
Comment from: MICHELE [Visitor]
Interesting article. I am struggling with some similar food issues as well. I am learning everyday that food wil not satisfy my happiness. I am type 0 negative and I tend to question what I am eating due to external opinions. I know it is about listening to yourself. Many times, I have to force food into me just so I can get enough to function properly and effectively. My most difficult times are when I do not sleep enough or if I eat too many grains or fruit. I still wonder how much I should eat a day, but it is coming together thanks to BTD!

Everyday I learn more and more, but reading this blog helped me to understand I am not alone.

Warm Regards
06/15/08 @ 23:19
Comment from: Kate [Member] Email
Great blog. When I first started doing BTD strictly and stopped eating sugar, people would always ask me how I had any fun! My response was always "I'm having fun by spending time with people I care about, not by eating cake/cookies/ice cream..." which always seemed to get a surprised look.
06/16/08 @ 08:11
Comment from: Rosey O-non [Visitor]
Thanks for the interesting blog. The other day I was weighing up the advantages of being on the BTD vs not, because to me the improvements have not been huge.

I ended up adding up the amount of time I got enjoyment from eating yummy forbidden stuff before (no more than an hour a day) compared with the amount of time I can spend now thinking "I look good in these jeans/that photo/this dress" (however long I want to).

Some days I'd rather have the Ben'n'Jerry's, most days I'd rather have the jeans.

ATB for your DD's happiness.
06/16/08 @ 11:20
Comment from: Stephanie [Visitor]
Nice article. My sister is a bit like your daughter, for her eating is always a waste of time. She doesn't like to cook either.

Personally I do enjoy cooking and eating. Since I started the BTD I enjoy trying to find ways around the things I can eat. At first it was hard, I wanted to buy puddings, candies, cake, etc. I would look at the fresh fruit and think "Those are so expensive!" (I live in Japan). But then, I realized that the amount of money I had been spending on desserts and candies was the same I would have to spend for fruits. Since then, I have stopped buying sweets at the grocery store. When I feel like it, I also tell myself "People didn't have oreos 500 years ago, and they lived just fine."

I get pleasure from cooking and eating still, but at least, I don't use food as an emotional blanket.
06/17/08 @ 21:52

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