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Comment from: Ruth [Visitor]
I don't think this diet is as "elitist" as you fear it to be. I've been managing to feed my family on BTD on a very tight food budget.

It's certainly possible for families to implement BTD guidelines, even if they can't afford organic produce or grass-fed meat. You can even use the lists of "beneficial" and "avoid" foods without fully following frequency guidelines.

For example, when feeding Os and/or Bs, you can make sure you have animal protien daily, but keep the portions small and supplement with more vegetable protein (from the OK lists) to stretch the meat. Frozen veggies can be very cheap, as are in-season produce. Yes, potatoes are cheap, but sweet potatoes and winter squashes aren't that much more expensive.

Wheat flour is cheap and spelt is expensive, but brown and white rices are nearly as cheap as wheat flour, and rice can be found in ANY grocery store in the USA. I sometimes find it for at little as 50 cents a pound when the store brand is on sale.

I would think it's fairly easy to follow the A diet on a budget, as it relies heavily on inexpensive legumes rather than more expensive meats.
11/16/11 @ 11:27
Comment from: Suzanne [Member] Email
Yes! Ruth.
I think you and I are saying the same thing. You are feeding your family according to BTD principles on a budget, and primarily shopping at the grocery store.

I probably do 75% of my shopping at the grocery store, 15% at a local health food store, and 10% at online health food stores.

If I interpret him correctly, Dr. D takes the same position in his radio interviews and public appearances.

But I often read on the Forum and on other websites that deal with health and BTD issues some extreme positions. The worst was a Type O woman who was unemployed. She decided it was better to buy organic wheat crackers from Whole Foods than to eat ground beef and vegetables from a regular grocery store.

I want to reassure people who are struggling economically that they can see major improvements in their health by taking BTD knowledge to a discount store.
11/16/11 @ 11:57
Comment from: B. Jaeger [Visitor] Email
Suzanne, thank you for this discussion. I'm on disability and have wondered if I can make this work on my budget. Still trying to master it. :)
11/23/11 @ 23:57

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